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        Hi everyone,
        I’m looking for more information, I keep looking and keep learning! I know some of the process although I used to read all over with UCC in this regard. I’m at the point to get my living birth registration and birth certificated to be authenticated to get further into the process.

        However, I read here that in Canada we use PPSA which appears to be much easier to understand.

        That said, my main purpose is to figure it out, translate the whole thing in French (you know…Québec…) and teach it to the people interested.

        My main fear/questions will/are related to the once this is done, how do you keep living in that system and being fully sovereign? Oh lord I need more info on that parts.

        I got myself into this for 1 major reason: protect my family from this completely insane government. They create laws/reasons to do whatever they want and therefor could take my kids from home. Could lose all way to make money (mandatory vaccine for a quick example) and so forth. On top of this I found out that it hurts the government quite a lot each time a birth certificated is being took back by its real owner, that, in itself, is quite satisfying.


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          Hi friend! Is there anything we can do to share information? I’m coming to understanding but I’m reading everything with relation to UCC

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              […]While under assault for a long time at the Supreme Court, civil law has fully acquired a conceptual autonomy. This autonomy has allowed Quebec civil law to have equal recognition with common law.[…]

              Please advise me otherwise, but to me it seems that it’s on equal foot in “Canada”. Aslo, unless I am wrong, Québec is still in Canada so my conclusion is that we can still use the common law in Québec, therefor equity would be also usable.

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