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  • Greetings! Salut! I am happy to join this group to move forward. I live in Laval. I have been searching this process for years and only recently submitted notices to the Finance Minister of Canada after learning from Christian Walters and others. I have actually a case open in The Federal Court on my own and I need help to get over the proedures.…Read More

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    • I am no pro, but from what I can understand, we are, until the BC has been redeemed, part of 2 systems. “Duly” working to clear both of them. The only way to get that done, is by working with Equity in which you are here not to do justice, but to repair mistake that happened. By this way of working, no “justice” system will refuse anyone trying…Read More

      • Greetings. I agree that there are several steps. I have done several already including the endorsement of my BC to the Finance Minister which I named as trustee of my private trust. Since the trustee has ignored my notices and orders, I am in Federal Court to tell the trustee to do his job or to name a new trustee.

        • I could be wrong, but before sending it back to the Finance Minister, wasn’t prerequisite to have it done through the PPSA first? It’s there that is, commercially speaking, identify the next trustee ? I could be wrong, but what do you think of that? Also go back around 51:12. I intend to gather enough…Read More

          • Yes, I agree. I have a lien registered here in Quebec with the RDPRM, the equivalent of the PPSR. RDPRM = registre des droits personnels réels mobiliers.

            • You know French? We need to gather people with knowledge and get all that together. I have a group in Telegram with the same purpose which I invited them here for even more knowledge. Would you like to provide what you have done so far?

    • Hi Jacques ! We are also in Qc. looking for like-minded people. Is there a better place to join forces ? It’s not very alive here…

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    Matt BW
  • Can anybody help with writing a security agreement? Can we apply all future equity to the creation of security agreement?

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