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The “story” as far as I comprehend it…

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        From what I understand comprehend, when we were born there were records created (record of live birth) that gave rise to the creation of the Birth Certificate financial instrument, which was supposed to be a trust for our benefit, but because we remain in possession of it and misuse it as identification, they were “forced” to benefit from it and administrate our benefits (like taxation and health insurance) to us instead, which obviously gives them all sorts of power over us, as parents would have over their young dependents.

        When we properly accept and endorse the certificate to perfect the instrument, then send it back to be held in their vault, we are making them the trustee (holder) instead of us so that we can become the beneficiary of the trust instead of the government, which we can’t be if we are the holder / trustee. This fundamentally swaps positions of the debtor and creditor, so instead of going into debt to spend by default, you are able to create credit with no debt attached by default, which in turn is able to truly extinguish some of the general debt and usury floating around in the economy to balance things out.

        One logical reason this trust has value beyond what you could produce or consume in your lifetime (other than it having been assigned a value and traded against) is because it represents your share of the wealth and treasure of the country (owned by us via the crown), so all the crown land is in the trust and the royalties and taxes collected from corporations exploiting the land’s resources is what we are essentially owed as income. It’s easy to see why the system has slowly shifted towards taxing us instead of corporation when we aren’t there to enforce it properly… Hence our current corporate-technocratic mutiny.

        We aren’t even supposed to be billed by a corporation, according to the Bills of Exchange Act, the remedy includes turning the bill into a payment at our option and making them pay it, since they kindly offered to, technically.

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        Adam James

          Very well explained!!! Thank you!

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