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The Basic Steps I Get, But …

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      Once we transfer the certificated security to an agent of the corp, how do we make sure that no other certified copies can be used by others?

      I devoured so many videos so fast to try and get the basics, that I don’t even remember in which videos it is that he talks about these things. If you don’t know the answer, do you recollect what videos I should rewatch?

      Peace & Blissings!

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        when you say “make sure that no other certified copies can be used by others?” do you mean used to do what you’re doing, eg. perfecting your interest and making an adverse claim? from what I understood, once yours is recorded in the system it’s not possible for anyone to come along later and make another claim because you’ve already taken the highest status possible as the living wo/man. any remaining outstanding birth certificate numbered “shares” should be returned for correction since you’ve surrendered 100% of it, so in all likelyhood anyone doing anything with a birth certificate with that status would run into BIG trouble, especially attempting to claim to be you.

        if you’re referring to the certified copies of the live birth record, that is not used in this process, although you can get a copy of it to “replace” your birth certificate if you want, but you can’t do this process with it, only the numbered birth certificates generated from the birth record. they will probably also issue you a new certificate as the beneficiary of the CAPITALIZED birth trust now that you’ve perfected your interest.

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        I get that.

        I was just regurgitating Darren. He explains that he’s not worried about it because of our superior claim, and he also say’s we should be turning all other copies we have in to prevent any attempt at their inappropriate use. I think it is more a doing the right thing kind of thing vs a necessity.

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          yes, as in they will have been recalled, so they have no use and if anyone did attempt to use one, they would probably run into trouble, so while not absolutely necessary, probably a good idea if you do have them, but if any were lost and “out there” it still wouldn’t be anything to be concerned about.

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