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somebody start the paperwork?

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        on 1e page the adverse claim what is the registered mail is for?
        i mean, the registration of life birth is NOT alive it a death certificate.
        is it the the live life claim of the quantum language i dont remember who create that?
        if it the registration of life birth, did we just sended to ourselves?

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          From what I grasped, the registered mail number is for the creation of an account that the now valuable perfected birth certificate is to be “deposited” into, and that you would use for your benefit in the future. The birth certificate is generated from the record of live birth that was registered to the government by the parents, what we want to do is complete the generated certificate and deposit it where it was always meant to be stored to fix our status from debtor to creditor. Your record of live birth remains on file with government but you can usually order a copy of it if you need one.

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