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Requesting some handholding here in solo Death penalty driven Singapore

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        Hey guys thanks for all the contribution, this is truly the remedy i think i have been looking for that works with the system instead of fighting upstream against it. I’ve interviewed some people like David Icke, Sacha Stone, Santos Bonacci and this is the only path that feels like we are finally fixing something and ‘growing up’

        As mentioned in Singapore we get the death penalty for owning pot, 6 figure fines for chewing gum and decade imprisonment and fines for expressing political views counter to the status quo. So i dont want to die anytime soon just yet jumping ahead of myself.

        I’ve been burning through the amazing videos of Dievergent5 and am slowly piecing together this puzzle of re-crowning ourselves in this strange National Treasure-esque game in our face. I’ve found a few laws in our statutes online regarding the equity process(i assume) and have some leads but want to make sure im not building a case to land myself in the can.

        Is there anyone who is able to kickstart me with the process? I believe(assumingly so far) that im the only only one in my country here so i dont mind testing this out as a trailblazer, just want to make sure its the right way, if there is one

        Thanks friends!

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