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Legalese language traps

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        Let’s discuss all the fascinating ways we get tricked into contracting and enslaving ourselves through the use of commonly used words with alternate meanings in the context of the maritime “at law” system that we find ourselves in by default.

        The worst one I find myself constantly using is “understand” which normally means comprehend, but actually means to stand under someone’s authority / rules / law. Police and others use this trick liberally to legitimately (from their perspective) dominate people with their permission. The correct answer is “no, i do not consent” which seems counter intuitive until you stop thinking they asked if you comprehend.

        One of the hardest to stop using is human. Apparently it comes from the “at law” system being known as the colour of law, as opposed to true law, God’s law, or natural law… So straw-man = hue-man = human. It’s an abomination of a word that we’ve been psyoped into clinging to as if it has significant meaning… our precious human rights and all that. The people are man and woman (also why sexes and genders are under attack) but they will call us ANYTHING else, such as person which always refers back to the corporate fiction strawman.

        Something I was thinking about last night made me realize that even the word court is a bit of trick to put us into the maritime jurisdiction. We are invited to (be) court(ed) and joined (MARried) to our strawman name in the courtSHIP before they can even proceed.

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          Here’s a few I have come across

          Public- pubicious, vile, low, ill bred
          Person – persona, mask, a false face, a corporation
          Register – Regis + ter = surrender, hand over, submit
          Legal – Leg + al -to collect, to gather (ie: collect from the public or chattel)
          Subject – Under control or dominion of another, lying under, subdued (ie:King’s subject)
          Fund – piece of land
          Fee – cattle
          Jursidiction – control
          Apply – beg
          Submit – bend to another’s will (ie: submit your papers, registration)
          Summoned – applies to calling the spirits (ie: court summons)

          Private – privatus, belonging to oneself (ie: Not belonging to the state

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