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i.o. Bataasche Republiek

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        Good day,
        introduction of my self; I’m Jan VdF van der Weij live in the Betuwe but I’m a Fries by Birth lived in Vancouver BC for about 25-28 year. We are operating in field of Energy and frequency for Heeling of the Human body. Much smaller than the med-bed and very effective. It’s Quantum Physic related to Royal Rife , Nicola Tesla, Steiner, Max Planck and that direction , nature heeling Art. Works against 5G, 6 G and other E-smog. For information send me a notice and we supply it to you.
        We are very much on our way to ditch the connection to the matrix and the slavery attitude from the Cabal we supplied our document to the High Court here locally. This after years of studying and trying every time obstructions and set back but finally it seem that we moved ahead, after leaving Canada and field of mining went over to Switzerland and tried it from there and also the Netherlands to no avail. Lots of thing are happening at the same time! Im very interested to talk to participant in the Netherland and British Columbia Canada too. But for now is the new Bataafsche Republic main course on the plate
        Have a great time in the spring and talk to you’ll soon 🙂
        Jan van der Weij & Esmiralda Hosli

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