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Where to go or who to contact to get started?

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        I would like to get started with the BC process in B.C. I’ve watched the videos, and found my way here, but I can’t seem to find actual information to use, and I don’t use Facebook, which I presume is where everything is being coordinated from currently? Are there links to documents posted somewhere that I’ve missed?

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          Screengrab collage of the adverse claim from the first video since it’s for BC, we can model ours from it. Interesting that the registered mail number format is the same as the SIN. That parallels the working process used in the US to a surprising degree, and certainly lends credence to the validity of what is on offer.

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            I put Jodi’s adverse claim into GIMP and typed up a mock-up of mine over top with my BC, etc.. I adjusted the wording of the bottom notice to match the syntax of the other quoted at law act, and put that one in brackets, which I am a little uncertain about, but to me seems correct since it’s not an actual instruction, just reference for the reader’s benefit?

            Please, anyone with some thoughts on it… chime in!

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            Thank you for sharing! It is to be done in red ink, and that is your right thumb print?

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              Apparently red indicates the record is being corrected, and blood, so helps show a living man or woman wrote it. Since this is just a mock-up, that is not my real thumb print, but I’ll probably put my right thumb and right toe on my actual document. I know they took me off and stamped documents with my feet while I was in the hospital as a baby because when my mom saw my feet she thought I had lost circulation and freaked out because they were so blue.

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              Ahh ok, I will be watching for an approved copy. I am really stoked about this journey.

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                some would say Jodi’s is “approved” in that it appears to have worked for BC, if you want to start getting yours prepared, just in case it’s needed. I created a cleared up version of it that is fairly printable if you wanted to use it as a direct guide to do yours by hand. My digital version would be considered potential fine tuning, but I’m definitely seeking the wisdom of those who’ve done this a lot longer as to the validity of the adjustments I made in the mock-up before I use them in my document.

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                  Hey guys. Just starting out. What do i do if i can not find the original copy of my birth certificate?

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