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Preliminary UK Meeting @ 4pm GMT Saturday 20/03/2021

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        Hey all,

        I thought I would create a meeting to get the ball rolling for us UK people @ 4pm GMT Saturday 20/03/2021.

        It’ll be a pretty loose format, a chance to introduce ourselves and share whatever we have been individually researching.
        I’ll start with my findings regarding the Bills of Exchange Act 1882 and some Land Registry information, and then you can all take turns sharing your own insights.

        If you need some inspiration for how to introduce yourself it could go something like this:
        – Chosen name (and rough location if you want, start with something like “Hi all, you can call me :Bob, and I live around X area)
        – The stage you are at relating to this whole process (for example you could then say “I have ordered my gold/silver coin, have a copy of my Birth Certificate and am drafting my counter claim).
        – Then lead into the specifics of what you would like to share (for example: “regarding the Trustee Act 2000 I have found that…)

        Then after we have all had a chance to share our specific info/introduce ourselves we can open the discussion up to ask questions and chat more organically.
        This is a self-organised thing by me, not Dievergent. The meeting will be recorded for our own reference and I will see if Dievergent is interested in posting it to their platform/youtube afterwards.

        Meeting link:

        Thanks all

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          Hi brother,
          I will do my best to attend.
          Woody, based in Scotland but the BC is in England.

          I’ve got a BC and a certified extract and my silver arrived last week.

          I’ve spent a long time looking at all kinds of remedies but I am daily new to equity.

          I’ve started trying to transpose the legislation but have found it tricky.
          Endorsement or indorsement?
          Hope to meet some of you tomorrow

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            Hello Jalla

            Thank you for organising this meeting can you also send a zoom link for joining meeting via the browser as I do not want to download zoom app due to large file size. Thank you.

            Billy Nashad

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              Hi Billy, I think it’s the same link and you just select the appropriate options when the web page opens.

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              Adam James

                Hello all!
                I have another call scheduled for 6PM and commitments in-between, but I will endeavour to attend! Thank you for the invitation!

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                  Hello all,

                  Just noticed the message about the upcoming meeting it’s already too late. We are a group of people in the UK and Europe working on transposing legislation. Please let us know when the next meeting is. Would love to join! Thank you for the invitation.

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