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Converting legislation

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        Hi guys.
        I am in thte UK, Scotland.
        I am looking to connect with others who are looking to translate some of the legislation for use in the UK

        Please get in touch if you are inmterested in doing this.
        Much love

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          Hi to all in Di5 UK, from Colm in the Irish group. There will be many similarities between Ireland and the UK because of our shared histories, institutions, legal system and language etc. We have found that this is certainly true when it comes to the live born record and the creation of the birth certificate. Just wanted to say that if members in the UK group are struggling with an aspect of the process, we may be able to shed light from our perspective and perhaps even vice versa. Thanks

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            Hi Woody and David,

            Happy to join in and contribute/collaborate on converting UK leg for remedy.

            I have already order a stack of silver coins for our BC Adverse Claims.

            I’m based in south london and undertaken many claims against DCA, credit card, council tax, Thames Water, and DVLA and seem to have stopped the wolves so far 😳 with 3 different processes although it’s been scary and daunting at times.

            I would love to be involved with a community of loved ones who are interested in personal development and competence in all areas of law and remedy.

            Hope to speak to you all soon.

            Best wishes. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

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                Hi there. Do you know if anyone in the UK has found the supporting legislation for securities transfer? It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack!

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                  Hiya Mark – I’m quite new to all of this and would definitely like to team up with others to go through the process I noticed on another message in this group the Irish team offered some assistance. Would be good to connect. Teresa

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                    Hi Stevo, I’m new to this group and concept so keen to connect with others also. I read your reply to Woody and David and seems like you already have experiences. I can well imagine that they were tough going and wish I knew you to offer my support! I would like to connect with all the UK members of this group so that we can hold a Zoom session similar to the other groups around the world. What do you think? Perhaps we could co-join with the Irish group as I understand they have a similar system to us.

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                      I cannot find anyone so far who can be certain of which legislation is reflected in UCC 8 / Transfer of Securities, for the UK. I have only found relevant terms in Companies Act 2006 and Stocks Transfer Act 1963. No legislative backup = no correct endorsement of the instrument = dead in the water until found and identified with conviction.

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                        Hi Colm-David… do you actually know which legislation backs up the transfer of securities on registered certificated securities (aka the BC), for the UK?

                        (The live born record stuff was an interesting read. Wasn’t aware it can be obtained through FOI? Is that like a SAR (Subject Access Request within FOI Act)? Two questions there if you wouldn’t mind fella? Cheers

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                          oh,ok. Thanks anyway for your comments. No doubt all will be clear at some point as the global group progresses through this.

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                          This is helpful for keyword/ keyphrase extraction for legislative searches.


                          2. Control of a Certificated Security

                          This chapter focuses on perfecting security interests in securities, securities accounts and security entitlements. As noted earlier, most equity interests in securities are embodied in a certificate (albeit today often a “jumbo” certificate). As it happens, most investment property today consists of securities entitlements, that is, interests and rights in securities held by someone else, typically a broker, and perfecting a security interest in a security entitlement is of particular concern. Nonetheless, the concept of “control” may best be understood as it applies to certificated securities.

                          Control of a certificated security depends on whether the security is in bearer or in registered form. A security is in bearer form when it is transferable without the need for an indorsement by the bearer of the certificate (or action by the issuer of the certificate). A security is in registered form when the person entitled to the certificate is specified in the certificate (and a transfer of the security may be registered on the books of the issuer). Transfer of a registered security requires an indorsement by the person named in the certificate (or action by the issuer).

                          Control of a certificated security in bearer form and, hence, perfection of a security interest in the certificate under new sections 9-314(a) and 9-106(a), is achieved when the certificate is delivered to the secured party as required by section 8-106(a). Control of a certificated security in registered form and, hence, perfection of a security interest in the security under new sections 9-314(a) and 9-106(a), is achieved when either of two sets of conditions are satisfied.

                          The first set of conditions is that the security has been delivered to the secured party and the certificate has been indorsed to the secured party (or in blank). The second is that the security is delivered to the secured party and is registered in the name of the secured party by having the security issued to the secured party or by having the issuer register a transfer of the security to the secured party. These conditions of control are spelled out in section 8-106(b).

                          Delivery is a requirement of control as to a certificated security whether the security is in bearer or registered form. “Delivery” of a certificated security occurs under Article 8, section 8-301(a) when the secured party gets possession of the security certificate or another person gets possession of the certificate on behalf of the secured party or acknowledges that it previously acquired possession of the certificate and it holds the certificate on behalf of the secured party. Possession by “another person” who is a securities intermediary results in delivery only if the security is in registered form and has been specially indorsed to the secured party by an effective indorsement.

                          Note that the essence of delivery as to a certificated security is possession by or on behalf of the secured party. Note also that possession by another on behalf of the secured party may be accomplished without the need for an authenticated record acknowledging that the possession is for the secured party’s benefit as is required for perfection by possession of other than investment property under new section 9-313(c). Note finally that a secured party may get possession of a security by delivery without also getting control where, for example, a registered security has not been properly indorsed.

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                              Please don’t don’t tell me that the rules of an escheated trust estate in commerce don’t conform to the UCC in the UK… seriously?

                              If you are going to do that then please provide proof that the Bank of England is not registered on the Securities and Exchange commission.

                              Given that the BC is claimed to be a financial asset/ bond (security interest in registered certificated form), obviously it’s the property of commerce used by the corporate banking governments, traded on the stock exchange (internationally) and therefore the rules (legislation) of the registered (but unperfected) escheated estate (the legal title NAME) are regulated by the Uniform Commercial Code and registered on the Securities and Exchange commission…

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                                Article 8-507

                                A securities intermediary shall
                                comply with a notification directing transfer or
                                redemption of a financial asset to which an
                                entitlement holder has a security entitlement if the
                                notification is given by the entitlement holder [or if
                                deceased, its successor/personal representative or if
                                it lacks capacity, its guardian/conservator or other
                                similar representative], the securities intermediary
                                has had reasonable opportunity to assure itself that
                                the entitlement order is genuine and authorised, and
                                the securities intermediary has had reasonable
                                opportunity to comply with the notification (subject
                                to agreement between the securities intermediary
                                and the entitlement holder as to how the duty is
                                discharged/due care in accordance with reasonable
                                commercial standards).

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                                  Hey all. I have setup a Telegram group in the hope that loved ones in the UK can use it to share information and collaborate on the status correction process advocated by Di5, along with ascertaining the supportive and relevant UK legislation to validate the transfer of securities. If anyone is here and picks up on this message (…given the advice from Darren about staying off the platform due it being hijacked), please feel free to join and use as a study/ research group, in parallel to the release of Ver.2 of Di5 platform. Link below for Di5 United Kingdom TG Group.


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                                      … if there are any other channels/ groups out there engaged in research in this process, please let me know so I can join and contribute 🙂

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