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Introduction to Commercial Law

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      Although I don’t trust Wikipedia for much beyond discographies, I think it may be a great tool for short introductions to ideas in commercial law. I suspect reading there entries will make reading the actual codes more easy and comprehensible.

      I have failed multiple times to include links in the initial post of a forum thread, so the links will be supplied below in a Reply

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      So, here are some links, one per reply, because that is all that seems to work.

      Secured Transactions

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      Security Agreement

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      Equity Maxims

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      Not Wikipedia, but a good short intro to some powerful and important phrases.

      A Deed Absolute as a Security Interest is an Equitable Mortgage

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      This topic clearly went off topic when I started adding some links about Equity.

      Sorry, I don’t know how to edit the topic title.

      Here are 20 Maxims of Equity organized in a manner where they are more related to each other, and therefore easier to remember and apply when studied in the chunks they are shared in below. I am no expert, but I spent a lot of time last year studying Equity, and having them organized well helped my retention of them.

      The last group is less thematically related, and more just the “will not” Maxims.

      For definitions use the link above for most, and/or Gibson’s __Suits in Chancery__ and/or Pomeroy’s __Equitable Jurisprudence and Equitable Remedies, and/or even Phelps __Juridical Equity: Abridged for the Use of Students__. The books are a couple extra steps to find, but better for learning from than Wikipedia.

      1) Where there is a right, there is a remedy.
      2) Equity regards substance and not form.
      3) Equity sees as done, what ought to be done.
      4) Equity imputes the intent to fulfill an obligation.
      5) Equality is Equity

      6) Equity acts on the person.
      7) Equity acts specifically and not by compensation.
      8) Equity acts to reduce a multiplicity of suits.
      9) Equity delights in complete justice and not by halves.

      10) He who seek Equity must do Equity.
      11) He who seeks Equity must come with clean hands.
      12) Equity aids the vigilant not the indolent.

      13) Equity abhors a forfeiture
      14) Equity follows the law.
      15) Amongst equal equities the law prevails.
      16) Amongst equal equities the first in time prevails.

      17) Equity will not allow a trust to fail for want of a trustee
      18) Equity will not require an idle gesture
      19) Equity will not aid a volunteer
      20) Equity will not complete an imperfect gift
      21) Equity will not allow a statute to act as a cloak for fraud

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