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        Are there any members in here from California?
        Im looking to connect and build community.

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          Yes, I am in riverside county. I am looking for collaboration also, I cant find answers to a few things, like, what exact tonwrite on birth certificate. I also have never been on social media, like ever, and dont have the slightest idea how to use this platform. I want to be on a zoom call but dont know how they let other know about them as I dont do facebook. Anyway, what county are you in?

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          I am not currently in California, but may be moving back in a few months. Taking care of my elder mother who was hit by heart and BP issues, than COVID-19 has kind of exploded my life.

          Do you mind if I use your forum topic to share information translating Darren’s work to the California jurisdiction?

          I can’t seem to create a new post or forum topic.

          Never mind. I forgot you create new topics through the Forum, and not the group.

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