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  • Thank you Catherine for sharing your experience as well, I also had this happen yesterday on a different platform where I rec’d the same mesaage from 2 different “people” who I believe must be ai or trolls. Antennae up everyone, radar on, surround yourselves with protection, especially of your mindspace, announce to the Universe that your…Read More

  • I just tried the Wisdom Room and received an 404 error message. I am not sure anything is happening here anymore.

  • Hello guys. I hope everyone is doing well. I thought this website was no longer active, but I got a message from someone, so I thought I’d check. Glad to see it’s still here. Are there any new videos or updates on individual progress? Thanks.

    • Same here, I rec’d an email with a friend request. Odd though in the request, they are asking me to contact them by email, so I’m skeptical.

      • Yes, me too. Because the message I got was from someone here, so they said. He wanted to talk via email, but i never emailed him. He said he had something important to tell me, but when i tried to find him on this site it said, there was no one by that name. Being skeptical is a good thing, I am too. Hope you’re doing well. Thanks for getting back.

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