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Hi Newbie from Ontario

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        Newbie here, from Ontario. Not new to common law and not completely new to the trust concepts but very new to site and your methods. Hoping to learn more and help others once I’ve learned correctly.

        Would love to chat with fellow Ontarians especially but everyone is welcome to me.

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          My Location: Georgina Township (Bottom of East Side of Lake Simcoe)

          Currently Visiting for a couple weeks in London Ontario. I notice a couple of Londoners in here if you’d like to get together for coffee and chat I would love to while I’m in town. (Not much longer left heading home soon)

          Eager to both share what I’ve learned and and receive more knowledge and am excited to see a group focused in such a positive way toward bringing freedom to the slave class.

          I have added everyone in Ontario group as friend on here but I won’t take it personal if you don’t wish to accept yet otherwise let’s jam!

          Much Love and Respect.

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