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Police Infringements

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        I wish to find out how to deal with the POLICE and their Infringement notices, i sent the first notice back and put a diagonal line through it and put no contract, but i received my second reminder yesterday, I’d like to know if anyone has a notice i can use to send back to them with a fee schedule to discourage them even more from sending more letters trying to get me to contract with them

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          I dont know of any this group can offer. Might pay to ask in the open forum. I work in another group separate to this that can offer a process, but that comes with knowing your standing with learning process much like here. No quick fix, each comes with it’s own learning support, without it, the system just plays big bully.
          I think if we can quickly work through the process offered here, it could sort your problem once and for all… hopefully

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            Just stand in honour, you got caught, if you pay up, and complete this revision, you will get your money back, credited to your special account, and you will never have to deal with the police ever again, you are free.
            Why waste money flogging a dead horse, when you can, clear your debt in the public, and get it back in the private.
            at the end of the day:
            You are playing in their sand pit — make an effort here and get out of the sand pit.

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              i am on the journey at the moment, haven’t presented my birth certificate with silver coin, i ordered my birth certificate today and will get it in a week or so, then look at starting the journey with the help of others here i would hope

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            Now I am only assuming here, that you are part of the New Zealand group.
            if so have you joined the Common Law court over there?
            If so or if not,
            Register your Birth certificate with them and claim your legal fiction name.
            then you can talk to the common Law court and ask them how to proceed with the statute enforcers
            This will give you some breathing space while perfecting your security,
            I believe that many documents will be uploaded on Monday -Canada time which will be Tuesday our time.
            so from there you will be able to study, and get the ball rolling.
            Make sure you get your silver coin, as silver is rising in price, and there is a shortage, of the material stuff.

            Lone Wolf

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