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Land Transfer Form

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        Hello Fellow Sovereigns

        In New Zealand, we do not have the ability to register a new LAND TITLE via LINZ unless we are a registered Conveyor. If there are any Conveyor’s in here, that would be perfect!! But somehow I don’t think we do [please put your hand up if you are!].

        So, how do we get around this problem you may ask, well, I found the Paper application form which is perfect!! It is also important when you use the paper form, you must fill in the document for your declaration and witness form to attach to it all to make it perfected. Then this is sent via registered mail to your local LINZ office. Make sure you keep your track and trace number, a copy of your document showing that you have sent it through and KEEP TRACK OF IT so that when it is delivered, you have the signature that they received it as proof of your claim.

        PLEASE NOTE: the paper I have attached is THEIR APPROVED PAPER WORK…..which means, you use their forms…we are not trying to circumvent the wheel here, we are just following their instructions.

        I have attached the document for you. We will also make sure we confirm all this with Darren and Kim to make sure we are completing it out correctly.


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