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Live Born Record

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        Some processes require a live born record, but as far as I know the Dievergent5 process does not. For those interested, here is how it is done,

        Click to get Live Born Record

        Download the Freedom of Information form, and complete.

        In section 1, Tick (a) Yes and include a photocopy of your drivers license or passport etc
        In section 3, tick (a) “To receive photocopies”
        In section 4, Tick If this is not feasible, I request access under Section 12 of the Freedom of Information Act, 2014, the sign and date.
        On page 2 of the form, write the name of the hospital in which you were born, include your date of birth, your mother’s name. And also something similar using your own words, “Record from the labour ward register, maybe known as Records & Particulars Book of Maternity, the document that give rise to the birth certificate, it may contain particulars such date of birth, time of birth, weight, gender etc”.

        You may wish to register post the application, the cost is €8. From the HSE’s website obtain the FOI officers address for the area in which you were born. There is no charge for this request under FOI, as the information requested is a small number of documents etc.

        There is no facility for documents obtained under the FOI to be sent as a “Certified Copy”, this is done entirely at the discretion of the official.
        However if you want to chance that the official in your area will oblige you, write “Certified extract Labour Ward Registry Extract” in section 3 and additionally tick the “Other” box.

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