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Hungarian Legal System discussion channel / Magyar jogrendszer témájú fórum

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        Hi all, I’ve created this group so that we can discuss processes, and share research and resources with one another, relating to the legal system in Hungary.

        Hungary operates under germanic civil law (based on roman law framework), so the process there will be different from common law and commonwealth countries.

        This group is dedicated for those looking to discuss legal processes for those born or residing in Hungary.

        Feel free to introduce yourself and share a few words about your journey and circumstance. I might be the only one researching Hungary at this early formational stage, I’ll start this forum discussion off by sharing about me:

        I was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary, still hold Hungarian ‘legal fiction documents’ but currently residing in the UK under settlement status. Since the UK operates under common law and Hungary under civil law, I’m researching both and looking to share ideas and findings with others also looking into laws relating to Hungary…

        I’ve attached a legal systems world atlas to help you navigate the types of laws for your interested region(s).


        Koszontok mindenkit, ezt a csoportot azoknak hoztam letre akik magyarorszaggal kapcsolatos jogi es torvenyes eljarasok utan kutatnak. Magyarorszagon civil jog van (romai jogrendszerre epulo), tehat az eljarasok valamelyest elteroek lesznek koztorvenyes (common law) orszagokhoz viszonyitva.

        Ha magyarorszagon szulettel vagy elsz akkor itt tudod megosztani a gondolataidat/talalmanyaidat es feltenni a kerdeseidet, csoportos megbeszelesre stb. Kerlek mutatkozz be es mondj par szot a jelenlegi helyzetedrol es erdeklodesedrol. Magamrol par szo:

        Budapesten szulettem es nevelkedtem, jelenleg is magyar allampolgar vagyok de angliaban elek letepedesi engedellyel, igy koztorvenyes es civil jogos eljarasok utan is nezegetek…

        Csatoltam egy jogrendszereket listazo vilag atlaszt ahol megnezheted a rad vonatkozo foldrazi helyek jogi helyzetet is.

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