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questions re: notice; adverse claim – template

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      Matt BW

        attached is a template i created for the notice; adverse claim document

        a few questions for Darren or Jodie or anyone else with solid answers:

        – should we hand-write this document, or is it okay to create most of it on a computer; print it out; then attach coin + BC + thumbprint + registered mail sticker?
        – what is the purpose of the red box drawn on the paper, surrounding all the contents?
        – the example shown in the videos (Jodie’s notice), the words are a mix of title case and lower case; is it acceptable to write the entire document in lower case?
        – does it matter the quality of the paper we use? such as bond paper, cotton paper, linen paper (anything better/heavier than common copy paper)
        – does this document require any stamps, seals, embossments, or certifications?

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          First time I see this size of BC. I thought they all A4.
          Anyway, great questions and hope we’ll get answers soon.

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              I recall Darren said to hand write the adverse claim in red ink. Personally I’m going to put thumb and toe print on my adverse claim as it shows your standing on the soil.

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              I do have one question, is that template for Canada?
              Is there different statutes or maxims we will have to quote in Australis to lodge the adverse claim?

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              Matt BW

                @Jacob this is a re-creation of the document from the D5 video called “Birthright & Equity”.
                i believe this is for Manitoba, Canada.
                i have not seen the Australian versions yet; i believe James and Josh are working on it
                we here in Australia will have to use the Australia-specific version; we cannot use one that lists Canadian legislations

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              Excellent questions, :
              i have a morbid fear of boxes, as that which is contained in a box has nothing to do with the rest of the document, I also have trained my self over the last year, to never write in all upper case, I do capitalize words as required, but with that said:
              hand written documents are the expressions of the living,
              The dead cannot write by hand, so – hand writing has power over print,
              i love printing, and I love spell checker,
              but some time we have to put pen to paper, and the paper then becomes the court.
              I will print my statement on a separate sheet and slowly copy – to make sure it is correct,
              I will use purple, though dark blue would suffice, I will also like to add my seal, but waiting to see what the reply will be,
              as I like to forward by writing By my mark and seal: ____________________________
              With my Thumb print touching the autograph and the seal.

              still thinking about the toe print! though did use it on my claim for my Body and soul.
              which I placed on court record.


              Lone Wolf

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                Cheers mate, I figured we would have to quote The Australian “statutes” etc etc, I haven’t had time to go searching yet because I’ve just started back at Uni for the year 🙁
                Much appreciate the template being supplied

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                Matt BW

                  Hey Jacob, take note that this template is definitely not complete for Australians to use. When the final version is ready it will be shared and instructions provided with it.

                  For now we have to patiently wait for this process to be completed.

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                  hi guys and girls, just a thought: when we write the adverse-claim on the b.c. do we really need to put references to statutes? We are coming in as the living man and woman and the statutes do not apply to us. it makes sense to use the statutes to get the correct words we need to be in equity, just not sure we need to reference statutes… thoughts?

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                    Matt BW

                      @Dave this has been answered by Darren in one or more of the Youtube videos (

                      We absolutely must use the legislations because the system only recognizes (“hears”) it’s own language, and fortunately there is a massive amount of equity and remedy written into those legislations.

                      The statutes DO apply to us, because we are not “living men and women” (according to the system). The system presumes us dead, lost at sea, etc., specifically because we have not perfected out interests. It is up to us to prove to them that we are, in fact, alive and capable of managing our affairs. Simply saying “i am a living man, this doesn’t apply to me” is not sufficient and does not attain remedy.

                      Watch/listen to every video on Youtube to learn this.

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                        Keep up the good work guys on the Australian Forum,
                        there is plenty of us watching from the sidelines,
                        scuttling around in the dark.
                        Us scuttlers appreciate your efforts,
                        please keep us in the loop with all developments.
                        By posting on this forum.

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                        Hi to all. I am in Brisbane Australia and as yet have not perfected my BC and would be interested joining others in a group to do this before a judge. As I only have a basic understanding of this process would appreciate any help from those further along and or of greater understanding. Cheers. Roger. 😁

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