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PPSA cross over up for discussion.

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        Hey guys, I have attached a word doc with the ppsa legal rubbish i think corresponds. Up for discussion, just starting the convo. Also we have issues raised about making a department the Secured Creditor, because we cannot assign it, so, I feel this must be done without a registration, but with registered mail, and recorded at a court of records that service is complete… I am actually going to call the Vic dep of treasury etc and ask them for their details to finalize the transaction online PPSR. see how we go.

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          I’m trying to upload customs act 1901 Australia, or parts of it, and the site is stopping me…

          CUSTOMS ACT 1901-1973 – SECT. 206.
          Seized goods may be returned on security.


          Amended by No. 12, 1923, s. 2; and No. 14, 1968, s. 3.

          206. The Comptroller or the Collector of Customs for a State or Territory
          may authorize any ship aircraft boat or goods seized to be delivered to the
          claimant on his giving security to pay their value in case of their

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              thank you
              yes like to discuss this further

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              CUSTOMS ACT 1901-1973 – SECT. 162.
              Delivery of goods upon giving of security or undertaking for payment of duty.


              Division 3-Deposits, Abatements, Remissions, and

              Refunds of Duties

              Substituted by No. 108, 1952, s. 12.

              162. (1) Where goods the property of a person included in a prescribed class
              of persons are imported or a person imports goods included in a prescribed
              class or goods intended for a prescribed purpose and intends to export those
              goods, the Collector may grant to the person importing the goods permission to
              take delivery of those goods upon giving a security or an undertaking, to the
              satisfaction of the Collector, for the payment of the duty on those goods.

              (2) The regulations may prescribe provisions to be complied with in relation
              to goods in respect of which permission has been granted under the last
              preceding sub-section.

              (3) Where the Collector has granted permission to a person to take delivery
              of goods upon giving a security or an undertaking referred to in sub-section
              (1) of this section, the duty is not payable if-

              (a) the provisions of the regulations are complied with; and

              (b) the goods are exported within a period of twelve months after the date
              on which the goods were imported or within such further period as the
              Minister, on the application of the person who imported the goods, allows,

              and, if security was given by way of deposit of cash or of an instrument
              transferable by delivery, the amount deposited or the instrument shall be
              returned to the person by whom the security was given.

              (4) Where the regulations are not complied with or the goods are not
              exported from Australia within that period of twelve months or that further
              period allowed by the Minister, the security may be enforced according to its
              tenor or, where an undertaking to pay the amount of the duty has been given,
              that amount may be recovered at any time in a court of competent jurisdiction
              by proceedings in the name of the Collector.

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                Yes like to discuss this further so how do we have a discussion group???
                I’m just learning to navigate around this site

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                    Just reply I guess. There are topics within groups, this is very new, so I just started a topic, reply here in relation to what I have uploaded.

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                    Thank you Jaebin, so much to read and understand.

                    Im new at this process and its hard to know what to keep and what to discard.

                    So, Feel free to Highlight the important bits.

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