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how de we contact all of those in Australia or Victoria etc.?

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        hi all said in title

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          hi John, i we are in the Australia GROUP, so i guess to contact any one, private message them, and or , start a TOPIC like you have done here, with a question or query on an issue or seeking information and knowledge on.
          or place your email address in your query/topic if that’s how you want to be contacted, and for any reason for contact

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            Hi Michael happy for anyone in Australia to contact me. I have always thought two heads are better than one so anyone can contact me on particularly with a view to teaming up.

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                hey john where abouts in australia are you located? I’m keen to team up

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                Hi Folks ,
                Ive just joined up . Reaching out to friends in Australia ,Victoria .
                Wanting to get started and connect with ppl on the same path.
                Hoping to hear back from members here as i dont know how to navigate around here yet and find the required documents..

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                Marky Warky

                  Hello, been following this movement for quite some time now.
                  We need to create a DISCORD channel so we can discuss matters in real time.
                  Please download the app.
                  Join with this link.

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