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Australian adverse claim

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        Hi all, has anyone completed an Australian adverse claim quoting Australian acts yet? Im keen to get this ball rolling because of pending litigation. Im happy to give it a go myself but if someone has a tried and tested one it’d be better. I’m wondering if James has posted a pic of what his looked like or anyone else that has had success or even tried and failed.

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        Mate: though in theory; we are all working together, and sharing knowledge, I doubt we will see any show and tell, till there is proof of claim: … as any claim, is only an assumption, till such time as a proof of claim is-or-can be made “becoming a fact”.
        And perhaps James is holding onto that proof of claim, (which would be a good choice) till he has his court case heard, as only then can James claim it as fact.
        For those who sat the test, I am led to believe paperwork is coming, its timing will result on what country you are located, and it has been made applicable to that country:

        Lone Wolf.

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          I hear what your saying lone wolf and you make a valid point in regards to any pending cases. With respect to what you said, would the forms that we are awaiting for after completing the exam not have any proof of claim yet?

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            I am not sure if I get what you mean; But in regards to James case, everything is on hold, now he would be the only one who has any idea were he is going from here on, is goal as far as I can comprehend is a hearing regarding abatement, now till that is sorted out, its still pending,
            Now the exam that was put to us, to obtain the paperwork necessary to make an adverse claim – is a different approach to what James did, as James was already appearing in court on a trumped up charge on the public side, so he stood his grounds and decided to stand as the living man, and entered a plea of abatement, (the wrong man) and as evidence he had undertaken to start the procedure of the adverse claim,
            Now I can only recommend you watch the two videos regarding this procedure undertaken by James. as well as the last one regarding another step as taken by Jackie – with James acting as compare:

            get the videos of Youtube, that way you can download the transcripts to study.

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            Have watched this and a great video.
            Where can I find the first steps of the BC,coin and what is written on the BC.
            Also abatement info?
            Just want to start getting paperwork organised.

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              Hello I’m Shane david I have court this Friday,I am out on bail spent 3 half months jail.if I’m on bail can I still do this or can thay revoke my bail

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                Hi Shane, the only thing you need to do is this. Once this is done then they can’t touch you

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