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I cannot comment: so will only beable watch

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      Having lots of problems with the groups unable to comment or upload
      Though seem to be OK here in the forum .
      going through my security, pausing the protection – but seems to make no difference,

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      I am only limited to posting through the Forum, I know its not my end, as I logged on yesterday with a different computer and a different connection, and having the same problem with all groups, I am not allowed to post: be it a comment – a link, or an attachment
      as soon as I do I get this crap instantly: from a comment or link,
      The link you followed has expired.

      Please try again.
      and if I place an attachment it just goes into that circle thing and stays locked.

      here is what I was trying to get up,

      that I emailed to Kim 2-days ago.


      I am intrigued by the name Counter-Deed, as back in September I did do a Counter-Deed, that was sent to both the State and federal Attorney generals, Both the state and federal treasurers, as well as the registrar for births death and marriages and the pope, and the archbishop of Canterbury, and the Treasurer of the USA, all by registered post, all were delivered, none where rebutted, none where returned.
      And I have no idea where I stand?
      I have been told [but not sure if it’s true] that under Equity, if they have not been rebutted, or returned, those in possession are waiting for something else to complete the claim.
      But at that time, no one was sharing information, it was secret convent, and I was not allowed unless I parted with lots of money, for no guarantee. (yeh like that was going to happen)
      Here is the link to what I place and recorded on the International Common Law court.

      Perhaps without tearing it to bits, without foundational facts, some one can say what I did wrong, with such little information available.
      But only my inner guidance.
      After all I feel happy with it. and what little was available to research. (free)

      Unlike this site where people are coming together, to share their knowledge, to learn and hopefully go on to teach.

      Lone Wolf.

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        Hi, I have not seen anything like this on a BC, but have done a Deed of Confirmation removing myself from the corporate and religious groups running Australia. After doing stage 1 of the course last night it seems that a document needs to be accepted for value by you as the grantee and then assigned over to the securities intermediary by you as the grantor.
        A friend has given an IBOE to another overseas and the IBOE was presented at the bank and accpeted, however after a long period was returned but no reason was given, it is still ongoing. It seems the IBOE also needs to be accepted by the grantee and then presented at the bank, this was not done first time around. I note that in France when depositing a cheque from my business into the bank I must also accept and sign the back of every cheque.

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