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  • For a copy of the claim that we sent to the Gov. Gen. (Acting CEO for the CEO aka Queen) and Lt. Gov. Gen. and information on the truth about Common Law that they don’t want you to know. Please visit the 2 links at

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    • Great work!

      As someone who inhabits the territory now known as the U.S. of America, I have not looked much at the International Treaties, because the Declaration of Independence, and Constitution for the united States, both are Fundamental Law and sufficient to make an unshakeable Common Law claim.

      It is great to know that the International…Read More

      • You are very welcome. The operation of Law is the same everywhere, the challenge becomes what definitions they’ve redefined in enactments. The corporation of Canada as well as most every country redefine human / Men / Women to Person=Corporation. Then for when it comes time to put you in jail or pay a human they redefine it back… We have cra…Read More

        • Interesting about the redefiinitions of wo/man. I probably got around their subterfuge, as a member of a religious society, that is a government, that is almost 100 years old and existed before the depth of their legalistic legerdemain was so deep.

          Most don’t really understand the freedom that was given for all wo/men to create their own…Read More

          • Doh!

            Towards the end that is supposed to be, “people are NOT as programmed as they had hoped.”

            Is editing posts or comments in the roadmap? It sure would be nice. I type faster than most, but mistype a lot, and don’t always notice until long after [send].

      • Wikipedia
        The Supremacy Clause
        The Supremacy Clause of the United States Constitution (Article VI, Clause 2) establishes that the Constitution, federal laws made pursuant to it, and treaties made under its authority, constitute the supreme law of the land.[1] It provides that state courts are bound by the supreme law; in case of conflict between…Read More

      • U.S. reservations, declarations, and understandings, International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, 138 Cong. Rec. S4781-01 (daily ed., April 2, 1992). (

        II. The Senate’s advice and consent is subject to the following understandings, which shall apply to the obligations of the United States…Read More

        • SMDH! Their subterfuge is always right in your face when you learn enough. “That the United States declares that the provisions of Articles 1 through 27 of the Covenant are not self-executing.” Beautiful in its nefariousness.

          I only started looking at Public International Law, vs Private International Law, because Obama finally signed The…Read More

          • Yes, Obama and all other puppets create words to make people tired of hearing it. So when there is an uprising in Truth, the dilute it in the Media by attaching it to something else. And the lemmings follow it. You can look at the dates signed in the UN document and then look at that country and see the False Flag Fake News surrounding its…Read More

          • Do you mind telling me what common law status correction you used?

          • Do you mind telling me what common law status correction you used?

          • Do you mind telling me what common law status correction you used?

            • My own. It’s more about truly understanding what is going on, and having a firm foundation in at least Common Law, Commercial Law, and Administrative Procedure.

              You can use the latter, to create an evidentiary record that they are forced to see, and which they can not rebut, as long as you are living it as well.

              They succeed for the most…Read More

            • I’ve only put in my Notice and have left it at that. I will let the experts in the courtroom take it from there. I have studied this for the last 7 years and am ready to help in anyway I can. I’ve connected with a group in the UK and together we shall help Babylon Fall. It’s inevitable for the profit mongers… Thanks for your comments and…Read More

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