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        Hi all,

        I’ve set up this group to discuss Civil Law country laws and procedures, for those who were born in a Civil Law country or those who currently reside in one. Here is a world map of the various legal systems by country for you to check what type of laws may apply to where you were born and where you are now.

        Feel free to comment with your country of birth and/or residence to help get to know who is researching what areas and types of legal systems, I’ll start it off by introducing ‘my mix’:

        I was born and raised in Hungary, Budapest (a Germanic Civil Law country), but currently reside in the UK under ‘EU settlement status’ but still with Hungarian ‘legal documents’.

        By the way, the country/nation that you were born in may not exist anymore, in which case please feel free to list the various particulars like name of birth country/nation and name of that same geographical region as it’s titled now etc.

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        I have tried to up load in the group but it wont let me,
        this problem started yesterday, not sure if the change that have taken place with the site is stopping me.
        but this is a 1925 Act. possibly still relevant in Australia, as the evil corporate governments had not taken full control then, till Whitlam the destroyer came on the scene 1973, removing freedom from all Australians.

        Law of Property 1925.pdf

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            I am an Aussie living in France, Napoleonic Civil Law.
            Having a very difficult time trying to find anyone doing this process in France.

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              Dear DebonAir,

              The number of people doing this process altogether is still very small worldwide, but luckily there are now a fair few aussies going through it at the moment.

              I don’t yet ‘personally’ know of anyone doing it from France but there is a bunch of us preparing our processes to submit in the UK.

              The main thing to note is that most countries in the world recognise equity, and the systems are connected globally so with some tweaks the bulk of the principles and processes are pretty much going to be the same.

              Do you have settlement status in France by the way, or any other ‘joinders’ between your aussie ‘person’ and your status in france?

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              If you are Australian born, it should not matter where in the world you are,
              “providing you have a birth certificate and can get to the Australian Consulate”,
              you have rights,
              I suggest you contact Darren, and see what can be organized, to help.

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                I am in France on Titre de Sejour, means permanent resident status because of marriage, visitiors have Carte de Sejour is a regular visa.
                I found on the Australian Embassy website a link to a french law that gives me the right to live in France, didn’t say why but I know it is because of the marriage contract I am now my husband’s property and only he can consent to me leaving.
                I cannot speak much french so not looking forward to having to do this in a french court.

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                If you are Australian born, it should not matter where in the world you are, providing you have a birth certificate and can get to the Australian Consulate, you have rights,
                I suggest you contact Darren, and see what can be organized, to help.

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              Found the problem
              The file was a tad too big, by 55MB. so have taken screen shots of the index to give an idea whats covered.
              You may be able to google the Act with the information within the indext,
              that is unless the act has been hidden.
              being a continuation of the source document, that set the law.
              That cannot be undone, but can be hidden.

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                  This looks interesting thank you for sharing! The 55MB file you were trying to upload previously, did that include the descriptions of the content of this act? You don’t happen to have a weblink for it do you? Alternatively would you be able to upload it to something like google drive or dropbox and then share the file link in the comments here?

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                If I had those things I recon I could,
                but not having those things creates a problem.
                and there is no way I trust google with anything, so I wont be running a google drive.
                or a drop box,
                The name says it all Lone Wolf. (so no meeting in public) staying of the grid as much as possible.
                I don’t want to be responsible for a drop , I don’t use any social media sites
                Fakebook – Youtube – Twitter – Gab – telegram etc: also I don’t believe in the cloud,
                I don’t own a smart phone, as they are only for those that require help, not being quite smart,

                Though I have no problem is sharing, (but only on my terms) being:-
                What I share and give out is for everyone, no secrets, no private groups.
                One for all and all for one. knowledge must be shared, as we have lived in the darkness long enough.

                Sad really as , I have quite a bit of good stuff I cannot put up, being over 5-meg,
                “quite a bit on equity and trust law”.

                Lone Wolf.

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                    That’s totally understandable and you are wise not to trust things like google etc.

                    This group has a media section, where I presume we should be able to upload various different format files, so anything that isn’t too large a file and you think could be relevant you could try uploading to that section here?

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