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Issues with this website

last updated by Matt BW 3 years ago
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        Hi all, please note that there may be issues with this website at the moment, if you are on facebook please follow Darren’s updates regarding fixing the problems and do not use this site until then, as per his advice.

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          Ok, so this is why I requested to join the Telegram group… FFS! I don’t use FaceBook, and the answer I got was that they were going to use this website instead… but now it’s hijacked! This is a bit silly. I’m sure they have lots of followers on Facebutt, and that’s why they keep using it, but it’s a closed and predatory website, come on guys! Please have an alternative for us non-FB users, there are quite a few of us now.

          I’m creating a “private” place for us to chat, since this site has the issues it has, including no chat.
          Telegram Chat

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          Matt BW

            The truth is that I built this website, and over the course of 3 months was continually disrespected by Jodi. I volunteered my time for free and even paid for the software to build everything. We originally said it would be free for all. Of course, donations would be accepted but the underlying point was that this was to help people… and that’s why I decided to help with this endeavor.

            The final straw of disrespect was this past weekend when I was ORDERED by Jodi, while I was on a family getaway, to do what she asked with the site, but I was literally in the middle of the ocean kayaking and wasn’t able to at that moment. I told her I would be back 2 days later and could do it then, but that wasn’t good enough for her. Immediately following my explanation to Jodi, she ordered Darren to “fire me” from the team and tried to embarrass me in front of everyone on a team forum we had.

            The message that Darren wrote to the entire team was scathing and very disrespectful, as he referred to himself as “Gold Leader”. I have no ill will but figured you all should know the truth about the people leading this movement. This site will remain up as a means for those of you to continue sharing information as you have been, nothing will be charged for monetarily. No donations, no fees, nothing. Information is free around here!!

            Much love,

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              Matt BW

              Are you still key master of this site?
              if so
              Is the site still staying up. and being usable by many Members, that feel disenchanted as time goes on. ?
              as it seems very fishy its taking so long creating a new site,
              and I see by your reply to Eric, we did not get the true picture of the claimed problem,
              Are there any plans to rescue the damage done. and get everyone back on track, ?

              I would have asked these questions on telegram, but having problems getting that going.
              and my security software does not like it.

              You could re-name it … Div-5-Revival.
              Darren and Jodi may have lit the fire, but in the end, they through cold water on it at a very vital time,
              and it has all but now gone out,
              You could revive it, The people are now, aware of what they are looking for, we just need them all back together nutting it out.
              I am sure we can get the fire back – bigger and better, without us being loved-ones, but as serious-ones working together.
              with no secrets.

              Loyalty is the main thing we need, with determination, bringing the pieces together.
              there is no room for greed, as we all have a common goal. and that is to be free.
              and not beholden to anyone.

              we all have something to offer, pieces of the puzzle.

              Getting strung along is not the way forward.

              Lone Wolf.

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              Matt BW

                Hi Denis,

                Thanks for reaching out. I would be more than happy to work with you to bring this mission back to life with a core group of dedicated folks like yourself that are free of greed. I created this with Jodi and Darren because believed in the mission of helping people free themselves from this corrupt system. I am and always will be dedicated to that mission. For anyone out there reading this, I created this website for you! for us! And if any single one of you wants to join us in getting things back on track, please reach out. God Bless


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                Thank you Matt for being open about the disharmony… I pretty much expected something along these lines, having been the volunteer creator of a website for other people in the past, and with what transpired here, especially with regards to the site remaining intact, despite being called “hijacked” – usually the term means something quite different than what went on here… anyways, something was not totally honest about the facebot message Darren had posted, really not good for inspiring confidence in their system since we’re all about trusting our gut, not empty words of promise here.

                Everyone is busy pulling their own pants down these days it seems… just be honest folks, deception doesn’t pay in the long run. 😉


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