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What if you’re Disabled?

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        I am disabled and living in Ontario. My disabilities severely limit my employment options and my medications are quite expensive (and necessary for life) therefor I am on disability. How would perfecting my BC affect my disability status? Does anyone have a clue?

        I really would like to get rolling on this stuff but I can’t risk losing my coverage so I have to make sure I am protected somehow.

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          From what I gather, disabilities entitlements being administered by the government would necessarily turn into you administering your own entitlements for expert consultants, medications and whatever other beneficial treatments, as you see fit since you would be administrating your own affairs with them on the hook to pay for it all, basically. Pretty much the inverse of our default situation.

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              Yeah that’s what I am beginning to understand. Still seems a little hard to grasp the concept completely as to how that will work at this point but I am still learning. I am also making several changes to lifestyle in hopes i can find a way to get off the medications I need so I can afford to survive without their help if needed. My one med is almost $1500 a month though so it’s not easy to cover that by regular means and yes i am seeing I may not have to worry but till I am sure of how (and confident it works) to do it under perfected standing I am hesitant and nervous. Although very excited at the possibilities. I will keep learning til then. Thanks for the Reply and input though!!! It is much appreciated.

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              Probably worth waiting to find out exactly how it’s gonna work from those that make it through the process so you can be confident about going into the process yourself… at least you’ll know all the steps you’ll need to take.

              I don’t want to push you too hard into any particular direction, use you conscience to feel what’s right for you…

              I changed some things I thought were going to be permanent health issues (requiring meds) by adjusting my diet. Have a look at the work of physicians whom have corrected thousands of medical conditions requiring pharmaceutical medications or surgery with changes to diet, specifically a carnivore diet, which obviously is totally against the allopathic, NWO / woke / soy-boy vegan top down approach to diet, but has foundations in studying healthy native cultures and the similar chronic disease and poor health of other carnivore species when fed plants. The basic understanding is this: plants defend themselves with poisons essentially (sometimes thorns) and this is not tolerated well because unlike other species that have had lots of time to adapt, we are not truly adapted for plant consumption, although we have the ability to tolerate and survive on plants in an emergency, it’s problematic for long term sustenance. This diet message is also encoded in the bible, for those seeking it’s guidance, if you’re wondering.

              I say it’s worth a shot – I’ve been free of cigarette smoke allergies since November 2019, and it was SO bad that I had purchased a P100 half-piece face mask so I’d be able to tolerate being in certain family & social situations. Never had to wear it, but glad I had it when the CV19 panic hit, but then the scam got revealed and still haven’t needed it. Probably should have worn it when the DEWilfires were raging in Washington, but my body took care of that pollution with a cold, the ONLY one I’ve had since the diet change, and I was exposed to a lot of germs via my little one… real health game changer.

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                  That is what I would like to find is some doctors skilled in natural medicine and diet to guide me to health and change. Its a little frustrating to have to learn law just find freedom now I don’t want to have to learn medicine too lol. But I have a clotting disorder and while part of me wants to say just screw it stop the meds eat healthier and work out more I think it might be foolish of me to take such gambles without proper guidance and supervision. Thing is who do you trust? I seen a couple Docs that seem to be highly praised in other parts of the world (like America) who claim to help heal people but again I cannot afford to travel back and forth there for treatment so I am stuck looking close to home which there does not seem as much to choose from. In the end I may have to get a med degree after my law degree lol. Can’t seem to trust anyone but yourself these days.

                  Glad to hear you have had positive results though. My Family Doc had suggested I do the mediteranian diet which to me sounds the most sensible and I dunno I think I would really miss meat if I gave it up all together so veggie does not tempt me too much. I could do it 3 or 4 days a week though and have in the past when dating a woman whos daughter was veggie and so we all did veggie with her a few times a week and that was fine as there are some decent veggie options but I really like Steak. Though lately my heart strings wonder if it is wrong to be killing other living creatures for food?
                  I do remember at one point God says we are to eat fruits and veggies in the bible but we find contradictions everywhere in there so who knows??
                  As to not eating pork or crustaceans (I love both) the only truly logical reason I can see for giving those up (other than the creature mercy) is if there is ever a religious war the fanatics of a few faiths might poison us thru those methods since their devout followers do not (or at least should not according to them) eat either. This would be an excellent way to eliminate your enemies if you’re a fanatic. But life without bacon, ham or pork roast seems a little more miserable lol.

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                A Bigger and better site is coming that creatures can no longer take control of:
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