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All About Birth Certificates

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Possession < Control (???)

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      Matt BW

        In the video “Birthright & Equity” (Youtube link) @ 0:46:44 Darren states (referring to the birth certificate):

        I actually don’t want possession of this thing. I want the control of the thing. And you can’t have both, you have to pick one. And if the certificate or the certificate security, if it was in your back pocket, that means you have possession of it. And if you have possession of it, that means you do not have control of it, which is why we’re carrying this thing around, it feels like someone is controlling us our whole lives. Yes, the state literally controlling us.

        Could Darren please explain this statement in more detail? Is this specific to this whole process, or a macro life principle?

        i know that i ultimately own nothing, not even my body, my time, my thoughts… none of it i truly own; all is created, owned, and maintained by God. However, i do have possession (and stewardship) of my body, my thoughts, and whatever resources are granted to me in this life while i am alive.

        How does this apply to any material thing in our life? Such as a house, car, business, or other goods.

        i would like to learn more about this concept of “controlling” something to get the most benefit without “possessing” it.

        Thank you.

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        You are the master of your soul in a meat bag, so you can interact with this material world,
        with one difference
        You are the master of your destiny,
        only lack of knowledge and fear keep us slaves.
        we have been hijacked by creatures of the dark, not knowing the power we truly posses,
        We have never been educated what a birth certificate was and the power behind it,
        so yes indeed we can carry it around in our back pocket, as its linked to all the debt we have accepted, as it was needed for your license – loans – credit card, and many other debt type things,
        The birth certificate has two sides to it, and we only use one side,
        The placenta side, taking on the roll of the dead, with all about the created fiction linked to us the living, that keeps us attached to the fiction world, …. yet the other side just needs our living name so we can take on the side of the living, with a value added to secure our passage out of the fiction world,
        but we need the right spell, and that will come in the writing we attach,
        and yes “we have carried this key to freedom all our lives”, and only now we are waking up to how to escape.

        Well that is my interpretation of it:

        Lone wolf, ….. (possibly one of the reasons I am on my own)

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          It refers to “trust” law and how trusts have allowed for property ownership to be divided into two parts: legal ownership and equitable title.

          Legal ownership is synonymous with the “trustee” position in a trust arrangement. This position is that of administering the trust, running it for the benefit of the named “beneficiary”. The trustee is not able to enjoy the assets held in the trust, only administer.

          The “equitable title” is synonymous with “enjoyment” of the assets in a trust. This is the beneficiary position, and they have true use, control and benefit of the assets, despite not having legal ownership/legal title.

          It is this splitting of legal and beneficial title regarding a singular piece of “property” that our Birth Certificate shows, as the certificate is evidencing that there is a trust arrangement happening in the background of the government’s finance departments that relates to our ALL CAPS name (the name we use in public/commercial life). When we don’t complete and “perfect” our birth certificate, the government steps in to administer the trust account they hold for us, but they will not administer it for our benefit, but for theirs instead as our ignorance of this allows them to get away with it.

          We give up control through our lack of action and ignorance regarding all this. There a various legislations that give High Courts in their respective jurisdictions the power to take over trusts/properties that are left unclaimed.

          Regarding your point about stewardship of the body…God is everything and everywhere, so why would our bodies even be considered in our possession right now? We are always part of the one creator, and that never ceases at any moment. Our soul is the only door between our individual being and oneness. Think about it like this: all of creation is an asset made by God that is held on trust for us to enjoy; our mind is the instrument (like a written trust agreement) with which we formalise our agreement and remember the rules of our trust-of-existence; our soul is the beneficiary of our existence as we experience it. Just my unique take on this, I don’t expect us to all agree on my singular view.

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            The confusion comes from the fact that we think everything is operating in the straightforward simple manner we’ve been taught in school, yet in reality it only appears that way on the surface because we’re in the position of trustee with everything else hidden from us, so we assume we have certain rights, when we don’t, and likewise assume we shouldn’t be liable for things like taxes, when we are until we correct our status as trustee and become the beneficiary.

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