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new site/kudos & suggestions/corrections

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        Hi guys/gals! I know you’ve done a lot of hard work – so kudos! Following are some suggestions to make it better.

        (a) new to this site, so please excuse it if it isn’t the correct forum, still figuring it out.
        (b) Got the book (“The Brave”) – good story. In your BIO – you actually linked to “divergent5” (notice the missing “e”), instead of “dievergent5”. (Obviously I figured it out). However – the “” link actually links to a DATING WEBSITE – which might confuse a few people. ( So you may want to correct that in future book updates/future prints/etc.
        (c) Good job setting up this site. I realize however sometimes things get forgotten. When signing up – the terms/conditions link don’t do anything. BTW – what is the forum software you used to set this up? (For future – if you are looking @ forums, phpBB or vbBulletin is quite good). Some of the new forum software while looks nice, has bugs/etc.
        (d) It would be nice to have a contact e-mail to get in touch with someone. On your main page – your facebook page doesn’t work (assuming FB delisted it). And no contact e-mail, usually it is nice to be able to get in contact with admins (i.e., Jodi) whom I hope sees this message!
        (e) Your youtube channel doesn’t work (as listed in the book). Assuming FB took that down too. I’d recommend setting up a redirect link off your main website – and using that in future literature/book updates/etc – i.e., “” – which then REDIRECTS to whatever current video channel you have. That way – if youtube (or anyone else) takes it “down” – they have your MAIN WEBSITE link which will ALWAYS work – and if you get delisted – can simply redirect to the new channel. That being said – you might consider bitchute/brandnewtube/rumble/dtube/etc as some alternatives (free speech friendly) video sites.

        Anyways, please send me an e-mail (you can see it in my profile). A little easier to get in touch with me that way. Thanks!

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