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Looking for 1 troy oz silver coin here in singapore!

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        checked out a number of shops today and couldnt find one. anyone has any sources?

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        Google silver bullion australia
        also Ebay may have some but be very careful with ebay.
        I also believe if you use a 1-troy-ounce, silver bar that is stamped by the mint, its till material value,
        as 1-oz of silver.
        But on that note I would email Darren and put it to him.

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          hey thanks for the reply denis, yea most shops here are selling Gold and the usual. Most i coins i find online are also nickel. Is it recommended that i mail in a silver coin of my country? kinda touchy if its a silver coin from say maybe China or our competiting(propagated) neighbour Malaysia. lol

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            You should be able to use any lawful species – gold, silver, or postage stamp of numerical value (from a postal service of a country with appropriate status)…and it certainly does not need to be 1 troy oz either.

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              hey denis yea i came across those shops, but its in minimum order and i cant afford it. also regarding the coins i doubt the design matters right? but will be kind of weird if its the design of another country?

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                also i did contact Darren and Jodi, also tried contacting james, through facebook messenger and even left comments on their wall and youtube videos asking for help. i think they are just swamped at the moment

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