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All About Birth Certificates

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Lets talk about this Birth-Certificate:

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      Attached a richard-edwards-trusts-and-equity.pdf “to download if you wish (in Australian forum)”
      as shown here.
      I do hope Richard does not mind, but it is how we all learn.
      and this sample is far to important that people just download,
      It has to be understood by all.
      and we need more ideas like this.
      lets make this one the first of many ideas that will be shared.
      There are many things to learn from this sample.
      Its a great sample, but:::
      Does it fit all,
      can more be added ?
      can Changes be made?
      Now for all :
      The Birth Certificate attached, is “as from this posting — from the future” note the date:

      It has an Apostille Attached that needs discussing.
      It has a claimed price, that need discussing.
      It has reference to the silver coin that needs disusing. [is it required and could it be a distraction]
      The affixing of the Apossille needs Discussing? and why.
      What else could have been done to the attached Apossille ?
      Is there a need for an Apossille and/or can it be replaced by something else?
      What ideas come to mind in the way you would lay yours out?

      I will start with some thing I believe is important and that is in regards to the silver coin,
      and maybe others will have their ideas on that track?

      entering a value of $1 in writing, I believe to be a mistake.
      The way I see the offer and the way I would do such a thing : is;-

      Value consideration: a, one-ounce coin of fine silver 99.9% proof
      My reason for such a thing is:-
      Also the coin is not $1, (It may have the word 1 DOLLAR, its reference being a claimed denomination: 1 AUD, but its true value is Unknown, as today it could be $41 and tomorrow if the world go to crap it could be $410, also “if its the last coin you own”, only you can put a value on that coin, and that could be realistically “invaluable” meaning you could claim billions of Dollars. so don’t put a value on what you offer, that is private.
      and if you want to be factual you would put:-

      Value consideration: a, one-ounce coin of fine silver 99.9% proof; at market value
      (which is against fiat money, not real value) fiat money is an IOU we are offering real value not an IOU.

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