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All About Birth Certificates

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Interesting information: that brings it all together

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      Courts of equity, is notice of how the Roman Church is forever intertwined in the State.
      The church brought in the Justinian civil-law system after the Norman conquest.
      It solidified the concept of use to land, so not directly or subject to the common law system of England.
      The common law system only created laws that were subject to the kings prerogative as fidei commissum; this was known as the feudal land tenure system.
      The church taught this Justinian system of law to their monks and clergy as well as created the institutions of Oxford and Cambridge in order to train future lawyers (not barristers as they were common law) in how to administer the laws according to use.

      The ‘use’ of land was fought with much disdain from those holding the rights of the common law, so much so that it was banned from mention in any of the king’s court.
      This then began to remove the presence of the church from the king’s courts. In fact the courts made it policy to swear an oath to the laws of the court to which the monks refused as it was against the laws that were subject to the popish faith.

      The only position that the church did not renounce was the title of chancellor to the king. The chancellor was the king’s conscience.

      As those subject to the limitations offered in the common law system were moving into the use of land (especially during the 100 year war), to keep the peace, the chancellor began creating writs to be heard so to move the common law.
      This new law, established under a chancellor based concept, is what we are subject to today, called equity.

      Equity law, in essence, legislates rules so to compel the legal title holder (trustee) to act in the interest of the agreement to the user of land i.e. beneficiary.

      Common law only recognized the legal title holder so why over time equity law was formed to hear the issues of the equitable user.

      Today: all land today is no longer directly under the common law system but rather equity, which is proof that all courts are operated under the oaths of chancellors, and so all land is in use, all citizens are tenants – not true legal title owners which is held by government as trustee – and it is the Justinian civil-law system which has prevailed… first offered by the Roman Church.

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      There are group identities and there is an individual identity whereby within any society one’s individual identity belongs to a group, under a polity*, which share in a uniformity, permanence and universality of laws which must exist in perpetuity, so that the group’s individuals are forever protected from other individuals, or other groups, but not the group’s identity itself that the individual has already agreed to.
      The birth certificate does not identify you but rather it identifies a group, has to, in order for the system to govern each individual under equity law; now construed as the common law of the group.

      So if you say “I Am This Identity” what you are in fact saying is – well based on logic, rhyme & reason – “I Am This Group“, which is an impossibility as you can never be a group (a group is not natural in nature) – but rather belong to a group – and so by a subtle consequence you are committing fraud against yourself; the self which is the only real [natural] truth.

      Another way of dissecting this quagmire is to discuss, within yourself, if you agree to everything that the group stands for and with that answer you will have just located the true individual’s identity, therefore proof you cannot ‘be’ the group’s identity.

      Are you yet convinced that in order for you to have true freedom, to be recognized as one directly under natural law, that you must first not identify with any group but rather come in as an individual, and then use the laws of the group so to compel them to act in the best interest of the true individual, who is now noticed to be directly under natural law/God/source.

      The individual has the most power under law.
      The system lied to you thinking that your true power exist under a single flag, it logically doesn’t in law, b/c the true freedom of any man is firmly noticed when he is directly under natural law.

      *A polity is any kind of political entity. It is a group of people who are collectively united by a self-reflected cohesive force such as identity, who have a capacity to mobilize resources, and are organized by some form of institutionalized hierarchy.

      So: Begin to learn about how to return to an individual.

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