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All About Birth Certificates

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Food for thought, Surendering for value -Vs- Becomming the master.

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      The following I down loaded from a site- regarding reclaiming your Securities, not sure how old,
      But the following caught my eye.
      Regarding a solution.
      Though here you are claiming to be master, no longer trustee.
      Note sure I would want to go down that road, without finding out, if and what – liabilities come with it.

      So the following are the Quotes leading to the attached document. quotes

      (Q) “What does it make the title when the counterclaim is attached to the authenticated birth certificate?
      (A) It’s called an allonge when you attach a document to the certificate. But the allonge has to make sense to do any good. “Study.

      An allonge is a sheet of paper that is attached to a negotiable instrument, such as a bill of exchange. Its purpose is to provide space for additional endorsements when there is no longer sufficient space on the original instrument. The word “allonge” derives from the French word allonger, which means “to lengthen.”

      “This was an article I found awhile back when I was studying it told me on page 4 not saying your wrong this was just my thought at the time of doing it.
      “The combination of a duly authenticated Certificate of Title and an attached claim is what is known as a counter deed. From the perspective of trust law you now hold in your hand a deed to YOU. From the perspective of commercial law you hold a first in time first in line document to YOU, in other words you are now the real party in interest and holder in due course to the Title to you”

      See attachment.

      Authenication Affidavit of Ownership(1)

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        Man it seems simple when you read this. Basically assert the fact you are age of majority and send it back accepted… but to who?

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