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All About Birth Certificates

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Certificate of Registration of Birth or Birth Certificate?

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        Hey guys is there some significant distinction?
        I got my hands on my Certificate of Registration of Birth. Is this the one im looking for?

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          It should have numbers other than dates, and it should be an original document printed / typed on special certificate paper of some kind. Mine reads “CERTIFIED EXTRACT FROM REGISTRATION OF BIRTH RECORDED AT THE PARLIAMENT BUILDINGS, VICTORIA, B.C., CANADA” and then “CERTIFICATE OF BIRTH” across the bottom. On the back of mine, it has the most important note that everyone clearly missed / ignored: “Revenue Receipt For Treasury use only.” so yeah… not to be kept, now it seems obvious.

          What you don’t want for this process is the authenticated copy of the original record of birth that was used to generate the birth certificate, that can be used for something else (common law ID) but is not needed or used for this adverse claim process.

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          Big Kahuna

            Hey Erick. Question: do you think we need to use a legal size coloured paper (purple or blue) for the Adverse Claim? The reason I ask is because I heard of someone who submitted their BC with value consideration attached and they sent the coin back and thank them for the BC but the paper they sent this reply back on was light purple. I believe they are using it to claim a superior jurisdiction.

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              Want the certificate of live birth.

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