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All About Birth Certificates

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Birth certificate process questions.

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        Hey guys, ok, so i am waiting on my “source document” or live birth record. With the birth certificate that we are surrendering, does anybody know the exact process? I know we have to write something on it, attach a silver coin, a thumb print perhaps snd send it back.
        Has anyone done this yet? And if so, what does it afford you and are there any rules or disadvantages that we would need to know going into it (eg. Can’t associate with last name etc). Thanks everyone:)

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        Hi Lisa:
        I guess this reply s a bit late,
        but at this percent time its a work in progress,
        As it become apparent there are to many variables,
        and each country – state – province, finding correlating, Act sand legislation,
        as here in good old Aus, this information is spread and hidden over many acts, and legislation as they don’t want you getting out, as they feed off you.
        and after all we are still a penal colony, as I believe that has bot been repealed yet, [accounting for the police states]
        so most of what going on now is study and research, soon we have been informed
        lots of information will be released by Darren, as the site is near finished being set up.
        This should give us a better picture of our journey.

        Lone wolf.

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            watch the last video under the Di5 tab

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              Hello Lisa , i was wondering how to go about this also , would be good if there was a template , i am waiting for UK documents to be available
              if i find any info i will message you , Bye Rita

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              Thank you very much, this is helpful. Just need to be patient and learn the process and search for info 🙂

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                I am not sure that we will even need the original birth record at all after watching Darren talk.

                However, if you want the original record of your mother informing your birth/death to the govt, you can obtain that from Births, Deaths and Marriages in your state, it is called the Original Registration Statement.

                The only document that will have proof of a baby born alive is only found in hospiital records where you were born and is written by the doctor (or nurse) in records. If the hospital you were born is has been closed, call or email the dept of health in your state and ask which hospital the records have been relocated to. I was told my hospital records were sent to a bank in Sydney (Aus) but have since discovered they were sent to another large hospital. You will need to investigate for answers if this is the case for you.

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                  There may be some use for the original birth record once you surrender your certificate for the purpose of creating a long-form type of identification that is recognized in the lawful world, although not strictly necessary, it would help in certain situations from what I comprehend.

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                    I not only got my source document [a name of the original record in the book of birth at the hospital ] I also had it stamped and autographed by the Registrar, so always request that it is certified by the registrar, without that its just a piece of paper,
                    They really don’t want you to have the source document, it took me three goes, before I received it, and that was after threatening to obtain it under the freedom of information act.
                    as they have no right to deny it to you,
                    and as the source document is hand written , it is a powerful instrument.

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                    In British Columbia there appears to be 2 different forms you can complete to order the certified copy of the original birth record (which they still call certificate, but it won’t say it on the document) and it costs $50 either way, but one of the forms can be submitted online. The free option is to request records from the hospital, but I presume that would not include certification.

                    I’ve been studying the Bills of Exchange Act since I’m looking for lawful debt relief with the use of the accepted for value process, and since the BC is a financial instrument we are applying the same ideas to it, although not exactly. There is a section about perfecting a bill that struck me as interesting since we are doing that on the BC.

                    I am starting to wrap my head around financial instruments and the double entry accounting that goes on in the background without our knowledge. It’s a really different world some people live in, I could always tell when I had come across one of them when I was working in their home (having worked in an area with a lot of wealthy business owners mixed in with old money and their offspring, whom tended to be artists or musicians that couldn’t have had the necessary income to live as comfortably and care free as they did) and having casual conversations about the outlook of working folks ever affording a house in the area when they are well over a million dollars, etc… I’m pretty sure some families know all the little secrets, like apparently banks hold a “copy” of all your withdraws / payments / spending and then claim it as abandoned since you didn’t claim it, but you can if you know how.

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                    A link that offers so much research material, up to 2-gig a good amount of what we are looking for is covered, or gives a pointer to what we should be looking for, I have tried the link in Opera – Fire-fox – both work OK.
                    A big thanks to the people that supplied this link.
                    as its is being used for the freedom of “Wo-Mankind”.

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                      SO how does this apply if you have changed your name?

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                          The Doctrine of Subrogation is one of the most beneficient in the entire range of Equity Jurisprudence.
                          It is through medium of subrogation that the rights of the contribution and exhonoration are secured and enforced.
                          The United States is always primarly purly liable by operation of the Trading With the Enemy Act and Emergency Banking Act because of the meeting created by 73rd congress…”All the homes and property of the American people, includes the money of American People of which to pay the United States, seized involuntary as collateral/security to meeting the new banking system.

                          True payemnt is to exercise the Equity of Redemption and order as duty of the US to make payment! …Private Citizen….2016

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                          Need a clear and concise meaning [interpretation of this paragraph] in layman’s terms,

                          With unlimited capacity to extinguish debt– “with respect to, certificated security in-registered form therein attached to ascertain collateral in certificated security; in particular and further identified as the person:”
                          That above is not what a normal person on the journey to enlighten would write.
                          And should we not be writing much of what we are claiming, in clear concise terms to not give the impression “we are smarter than you, and look at the big words we can use”.
                          For when one speaks from their heart, they do not speak like that above, and I have spent quite a bit of time with high profile people, to know this.
                          Its only dickhead lawyers and career politicians, who like this semantics, [twisters of the truth, using serpent language].
                          We need to keep it simple so it fits all, for if it takes a few lines extra to state a fact, so be it, but to squeeze it into a word that can have many meanings, may end up being fatal, particularly if some are asked – what did you mean by this word, or the scribe reading it, sees a way of twisting its meaning, in a direction you failed to relay your meaning.

                          This is a big jump in life. Trying to be to-smart, may lead to a big failure. Or limitations on what you thought you meant, but had been taken another way.

                          KISS. Theory required here.

                          Lone Wolf

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                            With unlimited capacity to extinguish debt– “with respect to, certificated security in-registered form therein attached to ascertain collateral in certificated security; in particular and further identified as the person:”

                            That does have a bit of a BAR twang to it, and as such is confusion for us… I am probably not accurate, but this is my guess:

                            With unlimited capacity to extinguish debt with respect to the attached certificated security in registered form and it’s new collateral, further identified as the person:

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                              Hi everybody! Glad i found divergent5 from awarriorcalls telegram group. Just a heads up about some issues on the divergent5 website. The lost password function doesn’t work. For password account creation, would be nice to mention the maximum amount of characters allowed. Looks like mine was too long and could not log in.

                              Did listen and watch all videos from the dievergent youtube channel

                              Did look @ these documents from this website

                              Did read most of the forum.

                              i have been living and working in Alberta for 7 years but born in Quebec and this is where my birth certificate come from.

                              Now trying to figure out how to do the process…..

                              i think Quebec have napoleonic law and civil law. Does this matter since in live in Alberta?

                              Not asking someone to do the work for me. Need a bit of guidance…

                              Oh, how can we join the zoom meeting?

                              Thank you so much!!! 🙂

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                                  Looks like nobody knows…

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                                  Apparently, and ironically they don’t appear to announce their zoom meetings here on their own website. Jodi said she was making announcements on this platform, so I added her as a friend in case that was preventing me from seeing them, but still could not find any, so I sent her a message letting her know that it didn’t seem like there were any announcements made by her that I was able to see or find and that maybe it was a permission issue for what newly registered users were able to see from elevated users… They should just put them it a forum, that way we know it’s working and can participate at least. I think they are mostly working on perfecting a bunch of fillable forms for a few locations in the background that they want to get posted up all at the same time.

                                  I suspect they organize the zoom meetings on facistBook, but I don’t use them anymore, so I don’t know either way.

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                                    Guys, this is a trap!!!! Why would they ask you for so much money for a document you might find online when they supposed have acces to their trust with billoins of dollars which can extinguished the dept of a Country!!! Give me a break!!! All of this time lost……..

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                                      a) what trap? you are free to be here or anywhere else that offers information.

                                      b) what money? from what I see they have pledged to put the information out for free and even find help for things like the silver coin on the condition that you make a donation on the other side of the journey. This is consistent with the objectives of the mission – many arriving with good hearts have been bled flat broke in recent times but would be more than happy to contribute to such an amazing cause when possible.

                                      c) nobody in this group is claiming to have access to billions of dollars worth of credit, although there have been some claims that there are other people out there that do have this access using these methods.

                                      My only issue with this platform is that “things” seem to be happening on fascistBook rather than here. I deleted their app when I caught it listening to me all the time and pretty much stopped using the website shortly after.
                                      I have finally been able to “find” stuff that Jodi has posted on this platform by manually entering the link:
                                      But all I see is links to fb, which I must assume is where the actual information is being shared for the zoom calls. We shouldn’t be at a disadvantage by being only on this platform and not on that despicable excuse of a front for the deep state.

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