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A Discusion regarding the matk and seal, that makes us — Us as proof of life.

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      This is a broad subject, with many ideas down the ages, when a solemn mark or seal was done in blood, showing and proving life, as the dead have a big problem autographing in blood.
      so to create a solemn seal it requires some of our life force, and the creatures of the dark know this, and dont want you to do it, as they have no power over it, their power has been stripped.
      In this modern day and age all that is needed is a sample of DNA, but that comes with a problem, as hair and nails last a long time after one is dead. but blood is a different thing, it has to be fresh to create a thumb print, or toe print, [of cause you could drop dead after it, but at least you were a live when you did it],
      Therefore blood can be used as long as you cover it with cello tape, but there also is another option and that is a seal, that you autograph into and touch both with a purple thumb print, and as an extra place a toe print , with the words standing on the land written across it. [ or write that first and place your toe print over the writing ] doing it so nothing can be added below it, and autographed by another.

      another thing is how you plan to Autograph.
      I don’t know about others but I always put By my mark and seal: sui juris, _____________________________
      and under Print my given names.
      one can also put Principal/Beneficiary: or just plain Beneficiary.
      However I do believe there can be more than beneficiary, if you have not sealed that position permanently, where as there can only be one Principal.
      Of cause I do have a seal which I autograph into, and place a thumb print touching both.
      I also now, place Copyright/copy-claim, just under the By my mark and seal,
      the words

      For thought I have added some info re the blood thumb print, and would like some feed-back on other ways, and other ideas, as I am sure many will still use the surname in its lower case, and many wont.
      i now refuse to entertain it, it was the anchor I had to get rid of to free me.
      like no longer writing any words in upper case. unless in Latin and that must by hyphenated

      all just food for thought

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        Thankyou. Writing By: is essential. To make a distinction – you are not the name. And secondly All Rights Reserved is essential. Underneath. have your autograph touch the words however they can, so that that part can’t be chopped off by another. This is actually all you need for general use. For anything that may be securitised by a parasite – like a payment you are making, a deposit into a bank or something. you can write ‘non-negotiable autograph’ which will stop that practice dead. I did this once and the bank refused to handle it! they said i couldn’t write that! i stood my ground and they eventually relented. i personally would not ‘sign in blood’. as it has deeper implications you may not appreciate later. think about that. a contract ‘signed in blood’. what does it say to you?

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