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        Property Law Act 1958
        Part I
        Section 6 (1); Section 15, Section15A (1)(a)(ii); Section 15D.

        Documents required for this avenue: Deed; Deed Conveyance; the Certificate with consideration attached; an alonge (affidavit), Notice of Instruction to the Registrar-General. Also consider as support/defense below:

        Transfer of Land Act 1958
        Section 27A; 27B; 27D; 27F; !!32!!; !!37!!; 42;

        Property Law Act 1958
        Part V – Inheritance
        Section 236

        Part VIII—Recovery of property etc. on
        determination of a life or lives
        274 Person wrongfully holding over after the
        determination of a life to be liable in damages

        A deed intervivos testment – a claim of your self and separation from fiction
        A declaration and deed of conveyance – revokes prior power of attorneys, asserts standing
        Birth certificate – An instrument recordable on a register (the receipt for property)
        Affidavit – shows you know who you are, no one can rebut this claim
        Notice of instruction – a determination of estate and rights transfer by way of new certificate of title

        I am open to be wrong on some of this stuff, but putting it out there to talk about.

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          My bad, but I was just looking at the social wall and did not look at the groups, good to see there is a Victoria group.

          I have the following acts making for interesting reading, I have gone through a few of them, but there is a bit of reading to be done.

          If anyone has any ideas of what one would need, let me know and I may have already read something, it may save a bit of time…..

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            Some more that did not upload due to exceeding limit.

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              I have been helping swap the corresponding laws from Canada to Australia, Because of the issue with transposing the securities transfer act to aust, I feel after going through MANY pages of legislation, all in Australia need only follow the property law acts and land act etc. The property law act is the best so far: As far as my capacity goes so far on this, I feel it is almost the only guide needed.

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                Would that be the Property Law Act and the Transfer of Land Act? If this is the case, I will read through these.

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                  Hi all please see attached regarding EQUITY OF REDEMPTION, I saw this and overlooked it, I will thank Kaz for the reminder.

                  Also attached is the inscribed stock act 1911, worth a look, I believe this is the starting point of all of the certificates.

                  Also attached, shipping related info.

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