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      Glenn J

        I am posting this not because it helps directly with the process we are all interested in, but I think it will be very helpful for us to understand what we are doing and how it will help us.
        AS the interviewee states in Part 1, there is more than 1 way to be free of the system.. however, if you want freedom, you must take steps to free yourself from it.
        The secrets are all under Trusts, that’s why they don’t have to tell us anything. So, it’s upon each one of us, to make sure we learn and understand the game and its rules.
        This post will help the new learner and the experienced alike.. I hope it helps you. Good luck.
        Part 1:

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          Watched both of these video’s and they are clear and to the point.

          Thanks for sharing 😊

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            Glenn J

              It’s a pleasure..

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                Wow these are brilliant; thank you. This actually answered a LOT of questions I had and it’s great to have yet another confirmation of this process and it’s effects.

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                Glenn J

                  That’s ok. It is hard to move forward with all of this without being able to visualise it in your mind. The legal fraternity, the police, govt, most of the judges aren’t aware of most, if not all of this. A generation has passed since everything changed.
                  Australia was created on Christian foundations, we are only using what was left for us. You can see it in the legislation, the Acts, the Imperial law.
                  Why fight it, when you can use what has been left to beat it.

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                  Totally. I would like to know however of any potential issues or downsides to completing this process, have you thought of any?

                  It will obviously still be important to know how to use commercial law in day to day dealings with the system, especially if this Covid BS continues which I expect it will.

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                    Glenn J

                      There are some downsides I believe if you don’t complete the process properly or your actions betray the origins of the abatement.
                      The handbook indicates that if you serve an abatement, and then continue to serve Ceasar.. we will fail. By serving ceasar is by using things given govt. Eg. Reserve Bank notes, banks (not setup correctly), appearing in court, selling insurance, taking handouts from the government. Even obeying statutes and codes.. betrays the abatement.
                      When you serve an abatement, you do so from the position of (in this country) a subject in the Commonwealth of Australia.. founded on the KJV bible under god. This finally explains why govt has been so desperate to remove all references to God.
                      The other thing is once you serve an abatement, you need to serve a default 10 days after and put in a public notice. Darren may have addressed this with those he has provided the letter, but the handbook says this is important.
                      You can think of this as being a man or woman, and letting them know, just on paper.
                      In regard to Commercial Law.. I was a big proponent of a private prosecution, even up to a fortnight ago.. I can even point you to people who teach it and say they use it successfully.
                      However, I have never seen that mentioned in the statutes or acts.. However abatements are there in the Acts of the 1800s 1900. I looked them up yesterday.
                      I’m not saying a private prosecution is not legitimate, it is playing in the war jurisdiction which I think makes it an oxymoron to operating in the private.
                      I have since found a revised version of the handbook.. which talks in more detail of these situations. It makes sense that we should be pure in our actions and not play both sides of the fence. That is the essence of the birth certificate redemption in the first place, so we can stand as we truly are. It doesn’t mean we cannot take part in the commercial world, but no longer as the surety.
                      That’s some of what I have gained from all of this so far
                      I’ve been in court for some minor things and tried a few things.. I know we are just surety for the person, I used that to beat a matter. I know we can’t go in and say we are a living man or asked to be called by our christian name.. they will just ignore you and carry on without you.
                      The last thing I will say for now is that James from the videos went in with a completed birth certificate and an abatement for a Covid matter and after the judge left the room 3 times he walked out with a big smile on his face. That was in NSW court 2 weeks ago. He helped another girl this week. That was without commercial law.
                      All just my opinions and observations so far, but if you stop and consider it, it isn’t surprising that it works.

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                      Thanks for your reply once again Glenn 🙂

                      After listening to the KL sessions on RiceTV, I’m a little confused on a few things. He mentions that he still uses an all caps entity to “do business” in the commercial realm, obviously this is required. Is that the same all caps entity from his birth certificate, or a new one he created? And does that mean he still needs to make sure that he doesn’t use gov given instruments like those you mentioned above? That sounds tedious…

                      Also, is everyone going to be utilising abatement in this process? Or only those who compete or start the process within a court such as James?

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                      Glenn J

                        I’ll start with the last question first. The short answer is no, James only did it that way because he had an imminent court case coming up with no real time to lodge paperwork prior.

                        What i understand KL does is use “an agent in commerce” when he does some kind of commercial activity. You could perhaps think of it like a cop.. when they aren’t in uniform they are just a “private” person going about their business. However, when in uniform there are rules and regulations they are obliged to follow.
                        KL is a citizen of one of the original states which is a different type of citizenship to a United States citizen. So straight away he is in another jurisdiction to most of the US.. America has a complicated history and I don’t pretend to know all of it, but if you are a citizen of the United States, then you are subject to the Federal laws, Congressional decisions etc. etc.. he works i presume, so he has a permit if you like to carry out commerce in that realm..If I remember he also signs it a different way to signify his position. It’s easy to avoid government docs, just make your own.. job done. He looks like he has gone through the hard parts, now he just handles his affairs instead of letting a third party do it.

                        In commonwealth countries we also have options. Our laws derive from the monarch and the law foundation is the King James bible. If you think like everything we use today in the current system is provided to us courtesy of Caesar, this is civil procedure, roman law, international law, admiralty law.. This is foreign to the law Australia was founded on. If you look at every statute or law you can imagine.. not one of them refer to man or woman.. none. It’s all persons; which means amongst other things.. actors mask in ancient times.. today it means corporation, individual, thing, chattel.
                        You don’t need to be in court to use an abatement.. The abatement tells the prosecutor or anyone else coming after you.. hey, i’m not the person, why are you using the all caps name and other grammatical and procedural errors against me.. Go away and fix those mistakes and we can start again.. Of course they can’t, because they act in the office of a corporation and a corporation cannot tell the living what to do. I’m still trying to confirm the details, but I am thinking right now I can use an abatement against say, a council CEO or a cop, govt bureaucrat or the like.. All of their paperwork is aimed at the person.. not the living.. so the abatement says to them.. there are errors in your procedure and paperwork.. fix it or there maybe consequences. It might explain why judges are a bit nervous.

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                          Great work Glenn, are you in Perth?
                          There is so many acts it’s difficult to find the highest one, the bill off exchange 1909 says it’s the principle act so I might try that, but we are looking for needles in hay it feels.
                          I have enjoyed reading your c comments.

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