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      Glenn J

        I found this yesterday. I am only a few pages in and it looks like it will be very handy.

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        Glenn J

          I found a video from one of the authors regarding abatements. ;Good speaker, not so good video, but watch or listenable

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          Glenn J

            A New South Wales Supreme Court Act 1853 supporting the process of abatement

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              Thanks Glenn, will print and read and get back with some goods. yeahah

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              Glenn J

                I found an updated version Paul. i found it while I was learning more about the authors.
                A lot is probably the same, but there is quite a bit about the people who copy the work and fail because they changed it.
                I’m reading the new version at the moment.

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                  SECTION X
                  Insurrection – Civil War – Rebellion
                  Art. 149.
                  Insurrection is the rising of people in arms against their government, or a portion of it, or against one or more of its laws, or against an officer or officers of the government. It may be confined to mere armed resistance, or it may have greater ends in view.
                  Art. 151.
                  The term rebellion is applied to an insurrection of large extent, and is usually a war between the legitimate government of a country and portions of provinces of the same who seek to throw off their allegiance to it and set up a government of their own.

                  It means that the people are meant to save them selves, not TRUMP.

                  As COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA is a registered STATE of WASHINGTON, we are too under these rules of engagement.

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