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        Hi, I’m new here. I get the overall gist of what the goal is here but as far as the language and procedures are concerned I’m in over my head. I’ve watched some of the divergent vids on YT, the Australian Equity one is pretty good. But I’m confused about the process overall; My family and I, as all in Australia, are running out of time we feel in terms of the mandatory vax that’s going to be rolled out nationwide at some point. Do we have time to do all this legal process for each one of us to be safe from this?
        My other questions are, even if we get thru that stage where we can get away with not having the vax, how will we be able to continue working and to contract with other businesses/individuals; my family has a fledgling business and need contracts, so are we not simply re-joining the system when we do business; how does tax, paying workers etc work in this new process that all here are undertaking?
        I heard Darren (is that his name) say on the video I’m watching that he’s been able to travel without licence or rego thru chec-kstop showing just his birth certificate without problem. I don’t get it; I can’t see any cop here saying move along without seeing your rego/licence.
        I’ve got other questions but not sure really where it’s appropriate to put these. Thanks in advance for any feedback or suggestions.

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