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        It is my duty to preserve my live and well being. Not everybody knows, not everybody accepts it. (I am Au but PL)

        Among the activists, there is a trend and I want to address and oppose it. I hope you take it seriously. ALso want some assistance to achieve the freedom and justice at least in Au and PL to start with.

        Constitution – an invention or a tool of masons. US first in the world trojan horse called Constitution and second PL Konstytucja 3 Maja. In PL one art V. … all the power derives from the people….. Beautiful article. NOt much more. In current one, 1997 art 30 it clearly states (free translation).
        “The people are the source of laws. Governments duty is to protect them”. – fantastic and very clear who is who , what is the source of law.
        Is it clear to all readers who is the source of law? It should be but the enemy states it clearly. Does it appliy to Poles only? I do not think so.
        The most other articles are very clearly against the people. for this and many other reasons, the Konstytucja is not a law, despite official declaration and a mob believing this lie. Why not? Here the basic definition of law comes handy.
        Consensus facit legem – consent makes law. This is a law maxim. But also it is a common sense. All we have to do is to claim it, demand it. Restore it. This maxim apply to all kings of law.
        The imposed constitution is imposed, it cannot possibly be a law. But we may see what can we do to it, if we decide to restore the natural order of power.
        Who wrote the constitition in PL case and otherwise? They, the politicians. Can we cherry pick the one or two articles? We can, why not. Are the chosen ones good to us? Yes, they are. Do we want as a nation? We should want. If we see and we should see it as their offer to us, we accept, we form an agreement, a contract, which is exactly the law. All needs to be done is formally accept and declare that this is the law, the basis of our law.

        This is just an example of how to see and react to documents.

        Now a case against the democracy.
        Founder of democracy a Socrates, was sentenced to death by stupid mob by majority of 2 votes. He was against this stupid system.
        Making the story short, at present the zionists have imposed the marxist democracy where nobody is responsible for anyting. We want the system where everybody is responsible for own actions.
        Therefore I propose to remove this word from dictinary. We should focus on responsibility.
        There are situations where the opinion of majority is the most appropriate. Eg, to elect the President (true election not the fake one), but we must not allow voting if on Fridays, murder, looting, rape and other crimes are allowed. The matter of law principles is not up to majority. NO problem about debate but someone must take responsibility and the majority of stupid mob take no responsibility.

        I only highlihted the issues. The issues which are working strongly against us.

        Thanks for taking note of it.

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