Property Act 1900 NSW
    42 Estate of registered proprietor paramount
    43B Statutory restrictions on alienation etc
    (2) Notwithstanding anything in this or any other Act, a registered proprietor of an estate or interest in land that, but for this subsection, would be subject to a statutory restriction holds that estate or interest free from the statutory restriction if:
    (a) the registered proprietor became so registered in good faith and for valuable consideration, and
    (b) at the time when the registered proprietor became so registered, the statutory restriction was not recorded in the folio of the Register for the land in which the registered proprietor has the estate or interest,
    45 Bona fide purchasers and mortgagees protected in relation to fraudulent and other transactions
    118 Registered proprietor protected except in certain cases
    (d) proceedings brought by a person deprived of land by fraud against:
    (i) a person who has been registered as proprietor of the land through fraud, or
    (ii) a person deriving (otherwise than as a transferee bona fide for valuable consideration) from or through a person registered as proprietor of the land through fraud,

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