Bill Turner had the idea, of first posting the bc to one-self, then creating a bar code that can be printed on the back of the Birth Certificate, prior to sending your counter deed to the relevant authorities, that then becomes your number to use on all documents.
David Clarence had the same idea also many years ago when forming your estate, prior to Bill Turner, it is claimed by both that it creates a registered instrument, I did one two years ago when claiming the estate and one last year doing a the counter-deed , I also created a counter Deed for the right of all Australian born here in the country of claiming my one share in the country, (it was never rebutted) and was sent all over the place, and on court record. so I have three registered instruments,
Now I guess I will have a fourth, if I don’t use a courier to deliver the documents.
another thought is you can use a Public notary to deliver the documents. (though will cost)
and then there is the option to deliver by hand with a witness.

I feel they are going to put every barricade in our way to stop us.
After all we are their meal ticket.

We are all close together

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