So effectively you are returning a receipt or docket back for return of your possessions held in trust by the Crown. As per certain if not most laws in Aus anyway, relating to property and a certificate of title, you must deliver it with a consideration to perfect it, with the property laws you need a deed and or a deed conveyance explaining your claim and what you want from this negotiable instrument. It is a negotiable document of title, perfection happens when a sheriff or bailee/registrar-general has it in their hands with valuable consideration attached. proof of this can be obtained by registered post and then recorded in court or by a registrar to seal. If the registrar-general refuses to acknowledge, then you have to take it to the supreme court as a claim against the crown, crown proceedings act states that equity shall prevail over any other claim of jurisdiction ie civil etc. But we are doing this in good faith, with clean hands in equity, and most importantly in peace. We have a priority claim over the Crown.

    You would send all documents in as a package, witnessed by aus post staff with supporting affidavit from aus post proof of package send, with signature required by party at the other end for proof of receipt. I think this process could be simpler than most think.

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