haha… I’m having legislative hallucinations from reading too much, if that has any merit 😉

    Ok its real simple.. Find your state legislation search portal. In NSW it’s here: https://www.legislation.nsw.gov.au/search

    You can select basic or advanced search, either is fine, advanced just gives you better filtering.

    Enter the word, term or phrase you are looking for and then under “search using”, select either “the exact phrase” or “all of the words” then click search. Add other filters as you see fit.

    eg: the exact phrase: Security Agreement…. eg all of the words: sheriff possession security.

    It will then show you a list of acts, click on the act, you think is relevant.
    Then the act will load. at the top of the page click on “view whole act”
    Then hit Control + F to find and type in the words and terms you are looking for.

    I have attached images of the process if you get stuck. Hope that helps.

    Happy dreaming 🙂

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