Glenn J

    I like the wording..

    I’m not sure I am quite up to speed on the method of some of this yet.
    I have been going over and over Darrens YT vids and now I am trolling all of his historical FB posts. I have only just gotten wind of all of this, so I have some catching up to do.
    In Darren’s vids, he says you don’t need to do ( I think Step 5 or 6) the Sheriff step unless you have a court case pending. I am seeing some chatter that may contradict this..
    I’m still looking..
    Are you doing the secured BC and notifying land titles first OR are you completing everything and firing off at once?
    Why I ask, Is that Darren seems to point out that once you send them the BC, nobody can touch you or hassle you. It’s not clear to me yet.

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