Glenn J

    I would say while we are in the process of claiming our estates back, we are probably better to focus on legislation that they are supposed to take notice of. That would be to use “their” legislation against them.
    I’m inclined to lean towards anything that contains equity provisions would be a better priority for us. It’s a supreme law to anything their fictional system can offer up.
    What Josh has put together up above, should more than cover our needs and using what Darren and Dievergent5 have offered us so far as a template should be guideline to use it.
    I’m using Victorian legislation because I am originally from there, but they have played around with it so much.. its helpful to have other state resources to draw on.
    Having said that, I would argue the PPSA Act has more than enough it to start with the birth certificate.
    Jaebin has put together a useful collection of material covering the PPSA that should help.


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