Glenn J

    Hey bro,

    I have just been looking at the summary you did on the 1st page of the redemption process.
    I have noticed that you have selected a sheriff to send the BC to. Is that because of the pending court case? I was of the opinion that would go back to BDM as they were the issuer..

    The notice of upcoming claim of redemption, I think you are calling it form of constructive notice .. I see you have that under the attorney general heading.. Do you think it would be better to send it to land titles? I’ve come across a link to upload a custom document to land titles all over Australia .. http://lrforms.arnecc.gov.au/lrforms/NationalMortgageForm/Entry

    The 3rd section that you have is under registrar general? That’s BDM is it?

    There is so much info now, you can almost go in any direction without context..
    I’ve watched Darren & Jodi’s video a few times now .. Step one is the BC.. it looks like sending it back to the issuer which is BDM
    The second step looks like Land Titles.. upcoming notice of an adverse claim..
    3rd Step is the security agreement.. I’m up in the air on this one.. I’m thinking at the moment it can and should go with the BC as an addendum to what you write on the BC itself.. although I think he said you could do either or..

    So right now, in my mind I have the steps like this.
    Step 1. Complete the BC, send it back to BDM (maybe with the security agreement attached)
    Step 2. Notice of adverse claim and warning of sorts not to register the upcoming certificate
    Step 3. PPSR to register the security and gain CONTROL over the estate

    Does that sound right to you or am I oversimplifying things.?

    I’m trying to get the wording right on the BC at the moment.. Once I do that.. I am likely to send it to get the ball rolling.. It looks like the simplest step of all, apart from the “delivery” aspect on the securities transfer.. haven’t cracked the equivalent legislation yet..

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