We are trying to do the same with transposing… It’s not easy. But appreciate other great minds working together. The Canadian Acts that Darren used were based on the following:

    The Securities Transfer Act
    The Personal Property Security Act
    The Real Property Act
    The Proceedings Against the Crown Act
    The Trustee Act

    I’m in New South Wales. We are trying to transpose the legislations also.
    We do not have a Securities Transfer Act, so we need to be a little creative.

    The Following acts are the best parallel legislations we’ve come up with.

    Conveyancing Act 1919
    Personal Property Securities Act 2009
    Real Property Act 1900 NSW
    Crown Proceedings Act 1988 NSW
    Trustee Act 1925 NSW

    Other legislations that look like they have some validity:
    Succession Act 2006
    Conveyancing and Law of Property Act 1898
    Payment Systems and Netting Act 1998
    Probate and Administration Act 1898
    NSW Trustee and Guardian Act 2009
    Corporations Act 2001
    Trustee Companies Act 1964

    I have extracted the full Canadian legislations including their section content that Darren used in his application. I can provide this if anyone wants, so we can see the context of each section and find Australia’s corresponding Act.

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